Just wanted to add some new autographs I would be interested in. Starting with three Bowie signatures from 2013. All were obtained per mail. I am not familiar if Bowie was signing send in pictures to his record company or management. Please take a look and give me your opinion. Thanks.

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Sorry, all three of those do not look real to me.

Can't really see the first well. But nothing here appears good at all. Sorry.

Here is genuine 2010 Bowie:

Hi Eddy, I am curious. Did you obtain these through the mail yourself? That would be a bit surprising to me.

Hi Eric, no I never did any requests by mail. The guy who is offering me all three ( a huge Bowie fan with multiple other signatures from different years) mailed the request and received what I have posted to you to see.... Anyway, it was too good to be true !! Thanks again !!

Would be interested to see the other signatures. He is saying these are genuine? I am not so sure these were mail requests.

He only said that he believes they are genuine and that he never heard that Bowie did some secretary signatures. If you want to see I can ask him to give all the autographs he has - I have seen some from 2012 and one with Bowie and Iman signed by both.

Well, he believes wrong. Yes, certainly like to see more from this person. Here are some genuine 2013 Bowie signatures for you to look at. Click for full images:

I will try to get everything he has since he truly believes that if not all but at least some may be genuine...Thanks again !!

No problem. I look forward to seeing more. The very few "so-called" secretarial signatures I have seen wound up being genuine after some research and consultation.

Eric, between the lines I can read that you have a certain suspicion from where those signatures may come from... For me the Alladin Sane one is not the same handwriting at all..

Hi Eddy,

No, I did not say all that. I said I don't believe they are through the mail necessarily. And, I am always interested to look at this kind of this as it related to Bowie.

Hi Eric, so, if you allow me, I will bother you with more material as soon as I will have the chance to make pictures or scans. I will probably meet this seller till end of May. Thank you.



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