Does anyone own, or has anyone ever seen, a copy of any of Love's first three studio LPs that was signed in the 1960's?

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Hi guys,if someone out there has one or atleast a good picture of one please contact me.Even though im broke at this still searching everywhere and there is absolutley nothing,not even a autograph book page

im going to have to start placing wanted adds for original "Love" autographs from arthur,johny,ken,bryan,snoopy

This is a real impossible mission much worse than finding paul kossoff/free and alan wilson/60s canned heat and even Clear Light.."Loves" comrades from elektra

I found out that the 1965 love signed contract was sold through jeff gold of record mecca,does anyone know how much it sold for?
I still cant find ANY love autographs,this is like pulling teeth..much worse than finding free/paul kossoff,canned heatw/alan wilson  etc     no luck at all,  my left arm for a original signed love album or page,anything with arthur,bryan,snoop,ken,johnny   



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