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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if someone could help me - I wish to hang up one of my valued autographs in my room but the problem is, I want to ensure its done to the best standard possible so that light of any description won't be that much of a threat to the piece.

The problem is, I've gone round the houses trying to find a simple answer to what I need to do and I never seem to find the answer I desperately need.

What I need to know is, when I walk into a framing store or craft shop, precisely what to ask for so that damage to autographs is limited. Ideally, to buy a pre-made frame which could do the job.



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Contact Rick Badwey here, of Museum Framing. True archival framing at great rates and he can usually build it so you can put the item in yourself in a few minutes. Just look up his profile here.

UV filtered  glass, acid free mount/  i think

what is the autograph on?  A jersey, ball, photograph, etc.?

All my autographs bar a few are photos - at the moment, they are in a box, protected by polypropylene pockets. However some are quite valuable and I want to try and preserve those so what I need to know is when I go into the frame shop, what sort of frame to have made/buy etc. Cheers.

I think I'm a little different than most people. I have every piece I get professionally framed and on the wall before I start looking again. I'm sure any quality frame shop will help you once you tell them you want your piece protected. Acid free matting, museum quality glass. Even then don't hang where light cat hit it. I think coming up with great ideas on how to have framed is half the fun. And very expensive!

In the end, after much deliberation, I've decided to put my autos in a box which I bought from Staples and each piece in the box is protected by a polypropylene pocket. Hopefully that will do the trick for now.

Besides nothing is going to retain the original ink forever as everything is susceptible to fading though there are ways of delaying the ink fading.

Hello everyone

I have a drumhead that seems to be signed with a permanent marker, but the ink is comimg of when you touch it.

So I guess it is not really permanent marker :)

Is this a general problem with drumheads or is it the marker?

Is there anything I can do? E.g. spray something on it to fixture the writing?


I purchased a mat cutter a few years ago, and began mounting and framing my own autographs.  The mat cutter was approximately $150.00, and it came with an instructional video on how to measure & cut mat board material.  Picture frames, plexiglass, and hardware can be purchased on-line, to the dimensions you specify, at very reasonable prices.  I can typically double mat & frame a piece for under $35.00, and have always used non-acid materials.  I use photo mounting corners to hang the autographed item to the mat board, so no glues or adhesives will affect the signature.  It's fun, easy to do, and also makes wonderful gifts. 


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