We've taken two censuses of band-signed Beatles albums, but we haven't done one for Beatles-signed EPs yet.

Band-signed Beatles albums are rare. Only about 15-16 US release Beatles-signed albums are known, and only about 113-120 UK releases. 75 or so of those are "Please Please Me," the Beatles first album.

No doubt there are more that haven't reached the autograph market yet, but these numbers are a good indication of their rarity.

Beatles band-signed Extended Play records (EPs) are much, much rarer. Only 10 or less may be known. 

Let's account for them title buy title, with sales histories and images that can be found.

Let the census begin!

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I just sent Jason an email with a link to it on eBay.

cool let see what he says

George, You stated that you own an authentic fully-signed Twist and Shout EP. How about posting it? 

will do ballroom when im back from my holiday

Jason said that the 6 EPs he mentioned were ones that Tracks sold. That was not one of them.

I didn't ask him if he had seen the one in the eBay listing or anymore about it.

Beatles: French "I Want To Hold Your Hand" EP, first pressing, signed on front when the Beatles had their residency at the Olympia Paris in January 1964 for a night club owner named Dawn. See George's french inscription "Les Beatles"! Sigs are well visible on the original, although the pen has not taken well with all, due to the lamination. I bought this in the 1990s at Sotheby's, when they still were holding music memorabilia auctions and I still like it. There was a sheet music for I Want To Hold Your Hand signed for the same person too, but that went to someone else. Item is framed, so photographing it was not easy. The "stains" on the right are not there in reality, that is a shadow on the photo.

I found this site...www.BeatlesAutographs-Store.Com....not sure about this one?


It's a scam site with forged and reprinted autographs.

I have all the American UNSIGNED and ENGLISH and 4 play 45 records from England and France, if anyone is interested. Pete Campo (Well not every one but a large number)


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