In spring 2016, I sold this 2-disk Scarface Anniversary Edition DVD set to a member here in Buy/Sell/Trade, with a guarantee it would pass PSA/DNA or JSA or their money back, including authentication fees.

The buyer asked me to send it to PSA after they bought it, and it didn't pass. I have no doubts on its authenticity, because it was signed by Pacino for his good friend and collaborator, author and interviewer Lawrence Grobel.

Larry is also a good friend of mine, who wrote many popular cover stories and lead features for Autograph & Autograph Collector magazines.

Pacino signed a lot of things for him over the years, and Larry gave this to me when he wrote the piece on Pacino for the magazine.

I know it's genuine because of the source, and it looks genuine to me.

I want to offer it for sale again—with the same guarantee—but before I do, I want to know... does it look real to you?

I don't want to sell something the buyer will have problems with.


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Steve, I'd say it doesn't look like the two I've personally gotten IP, but obviously your provenance seems ironclad, and lord knows he's a scribbler deluxe! I will say offering the guarantee seems a good way to go, but clearly PSA/DNA's exemplars are lacking if they failed this. Sure, we all have examples where they switched opinions, but I know (rather: have a strong suspicion) their exemplars for others are completely incorrect, so you might been opening a can of worms through no fault of your own. Best of luck with it!

Thanks, Jason. I don't fault them for not certifying this. It's an unusually long autograph for Pacino, and that alone might have concerned them.

I just don't want to sell something the buyer is stuck with.

Larry gave me this, but I bought a couple of Pacino-signed pieces from Larry:

A Scarface shirt signed and inscribed front and back by Pacino, that's easy to authenticate. 

And a Pacino-signed Big Boy doll from Dick Tracy, signed on the packaging, that's not easy to authenticate.

This looks good to me Steve. I have an in person Scarface signed DVD and this matches his fuller in person signature. I'll try and find mine for comparison.

Thanks, Richard

Always welcome Steve.

I don't think that is a long Pacino graph. It is either two separate signatures, maybe he realized that the top one was not very nice to give to a friend and he resigned below.....

or the top part is some kind of inscription like "Best." 

If you have ever seen Al's inperson inscriptions you will know what I mean. His handwriting is so bad it's anyone's guess as to what it says. 

Thanks, Pete. You're right, his handwriting is a mess. I think the upper writing ends with a "G." I think it could be "Larry G." But who knows?


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