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ELITE Productions COA - Legacy COA???Paul McCartney signed Bass Guitar

Hello fine people,.I believe something is wrong with the COA's and or Signature by Paul McCartney,.,EBay stopped the Auction of the Bass Guitar with his autograph,.I have No idea what's going on.,.My Uncle bought about 19 guitars from somebody. And he gave me the Paul McCartney Bass. He knew that Paul is my favorite,.,I will put up some photo's of what I've got,.,.,.Maybe somebody could help me out,.,.I guess to start out, I'd like to know if these companies are for real,., If not. What should I do?? 

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Thanks for pointing that site out. If the owner of it wants to post their info on Live! that would be welcome. Just take it off all caps!



Hi Greg,.,.,.,.Thank you. Thank you,.,10 second search???You know how to search,.I Don't. I took way longer then that,.,.I really Thank you very much.. I am going to contact my Uncle about this, And see what I can Find out,. Thanks Again  Dave B
Bought 2 from this company myself.  There is an investigation going on right now. Did you buy them out of a newspaper ad? Let me know.
Hi There,.,I am going to get ahold of my Uncle and let you know what I find out.,     DB
Hi It Dave again,.,.,I good some info from Uncle,.,.He didn't remember much,.,There were 19 of them he bought. At around the Spring of 2009,..,,His brother has got 2 of them,.A paul Mc one and a AC/DC,.,.He also said that he bought them on Ebay,.,That's all I know for now,.,,.,.....Anything you can tell me at your end??,.,.Thanks  DB
Hello,   I bought four signed guitars from Legacy from a newspaper add placed in San Diego.  Do you want to discuss this?
Horrible McCartney Signature! WOW
Really?? I looked at some other real ones and it looks good to me. But I'm not good at this at all., Can you direct me to a good autograph,.,And I'd like to know what to look for on the bad signature,.Thank you for your help,.,I must say, I'm really disappointed in all this,.,.There is one good thing on all this...I didn't spend any money,.,.It was gifted to me,. Thanks   DB


I haven't asked any authenticators to give their opinion of this, but there is no question in my mind that this is a forgery. Find out where he got them on eBay. I assume the seller is gone but you don't know. If he'd like to supply others we can check them out and if bad, use them as examples.

Sorry for the bad news.


Thank you much, For the input.,.,.
Its not an authentic Macca sig for sure!


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