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ELITE Productions COA - Legacy COA???Paul McCartney signed Bass Guitar

Hello fine people,.I believe something is wrong with the COA's and or Signature by Paul McCartney,.,EBay stopped the Auction of the Bass Guitar with his autograph,.I have No idea what's going on.,.My Uncle bought about 19 guitars from somebody. And he gave me the Paul McCartney Bass. He knew that Paul is my favorite,.,I will put up some photo's of what I've got,.,.,.Maybe somebody could help me out,.,.I guess to start out, I'd like to know if these companies are for real,., If not. What should I do?? 

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If anyone is trying to keep tabs on possible players in this "ring" these guys may in fact be that. I checked the WhoIS registry for the website and despite their claim to be around for over 20 years and copyright of 2006 the domain is recent:

Registered Through, LLC
Domain Name:
Created on: 12/29/2011 3:52:11 PM
Expires on: 12/29/2012 3:52:11 PM
Last Updated on: 1/30/2012 3:33:14 AM
They seem to be working with "Legendary Productions" which one might assume is a dummy company and perhaps run by the same people.


Just in case attached is one of the guitars (Eric Clapton Fender) I have reserved, but have not yet paid them for.  What do you think?




I really wonder if they exist and if so is it "two guys & a pick-up truck!".

No listing in superpages, yellow pages, state or city, not licensed (may not be required), no hits on reverse phone number look-ups, not even listed in DekKnows.....   

seems if one does appraisals they would want to be found....   well maybe not.

These "Elite" guitars seem to pop up on a number of different "auctions" and mostly 2ndary..

here is an Elite COA & Legacy Cert in case one wonders what they look like and of course the cert refeences a website no longer in existence.  Left out the related Schwartzy appraisal as it was blurry.


Found another one on Ebay with the same two names (Steven Cohen and John Murray), this time under the Legendary Promotions front.  Not surprisingly, the signed U2 guitar is pure crap.

How can you possibly believe anything that these people sale is real?  Wake up. It is a huge, complex scam being investigated my multiple law enforcement agencies.  Contact the Florida DA to hear the truth.

I doubt anyone around here believes real but if multiple law enforcement agencies are involved hopefully it will come to fruition during our lifetime...   Which Florida DA?  or do you mean GA///

one thought to locate schwartzy the Appraiser is thru the Chigcao AG's office ; Schwartz & Sons Appraisers, 3023 N.Clark St. Chicago Ill 60687 312 569 8878 specialing in memorabilia appraisal since 1994

  but another way is to contact the Illinois National Insurance Crime Bureau especially if you have purchased an item that is now fraudulent while having an associated Schwartzy Appraisal.   Since appraisals are typically used for insurance binding it may constitute insurance fraud (in certain instances).  The NICB covers all states according to a spokesman.  This spokesman indicated to contact them at 800 835 6422 to determine what this agency might be able to do.

Anyone have more info on The Signature Gallery - i also spoke to them about a guitar and had questions.  Like the old saying: if it sounds too good to be true . . .

We answered an ad in a local newspaper in Birmingham, AL offering $2,500-$3,500 autographed guitars for $500 each. The address that they gave which was 515 N Flagler Dr. West Palm Beach, FL. didn't have anyone in their building by the name of The Signature Gallery. The authenticating company called Legendary Productions turned out to be completely fake as well. The person that we spoke with called himself Tom. The cell number that he can be reached at is 561-577-5626. He said that he was selling his deceased brothers collection. We stuck him with the COD charges for delivery of two guitars. DO NOT BE A VICTIM TO THIS SCAM!!! I hope this helps you.


Thata NOT close t oa real McCartney autograph-- a horrible forgery--get your money back.


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