Can anyone comment on this - I was under the impression epperson only did music.

The autograph isn't visible enough to make a good determination from the scan so I'm asking if he actually does sports people

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No one?
I have never heard that Epperson does anything else than music. Hopefully other members will help out too.
Im not sure but you can try emailing him directly to get a definite answer

The cert looks legit (in that it has the correct everything on it - including the colors etc of the wording on his forms and the outside border being two colors--black and red combined)  Rogers sig looks legit as well.   However - it's pretty easy to take a legit cert - scan it and photoshop in a new pic and typing - so you would need to absolutely email him to be sure he authenticated it.   His email address is at the bottom of this page:

Where did you find this? There are a few sellers on ebay that photoshop legit certificates and attach them to bogus items. Looking at the other offerings would be the tip off.


I've messaged roger but no reply
I messaged roger on here
Never got a reply...

You might be better off going through his website,he doesn't come here much. Shame he doesn't for all the free advertising we give him!

Too many people argue with him!



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