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Hey all.

I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for frames that offer good protection for autographs, are easily mounted, and that are cheap in general.   I mainly have 12x8 and 16x12 photographs, just mentioning.  Any links to websites/dealers would be greatly appreciated as well.  Feel free to post your experience with a certain frame or company of frames, since I heard some frames are better than others/ cause damages etc.   



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I use polyethylene plastic covers. I don't believe that they can damage your albums. I've had my albums in them for a few years now and there has been no problems. I bought mine on ebay from seller alpha-01-music. They work really nicely. Also, because I don't like that snug fit I bought the double lp version so my albums are easily removed from the plastic. Of course I kinda had to buy the double lp versions for my Smashing Pumpkins, and Stevie Wonder LP's.

Thanks, Travis.

Ok, I am using wholesale frames website but I need any opinions and advice possible.  I have an 10x8 photograph that I would like framed.  Someone before mentioned that matting is recommended (is it recommended for appearance or does it prevent damage to the photograph?).  I have found a nice frame, I can either go 11x14 and buy matting for the 10x8 photograph or I could just buy an 8x10 frame.  

If I get the 11x14 or 10x8 frame, I am going to purchase acid-free backing and uv protected non-glare glass for their condition-saving qualities anyway.  You think that's enough or should I get matting as well?  

You always want matting. It helps protect your autograph. I pick my matting up from a local craft/hobby store. You can cut it yourself, or, since you're just talking about an 8x10, pre-cuts wouldn't be hard to find.

Thanks Brick for the response.  So do you think I should go with an 11x14 frame and buy matting with a cut for an 8x10?  I've seen frames like these in craft stores like Michael's and even in Walmart but I wanted to get UV protected glass and acid free backing, which aren't offered at those stores.  This is why I am leaning more towards the site you gave me previously.  

this is the matting I was looking to purchase:

and the frame 11x14 with acid free backing + uv non glare protective glass.  

Looks fine to me.

Must be 100% COTTON RAG backing.....not acid free!

We carry a line of the only 100% Museum Grade ready made frames on the market.  I have a patent pending frame backing system that covers and seals the back of the frame from moisture etc.  And, these are the only frames that have UV filtering glass, 100% cotton rag matting and double cotton rag backing.

Not trying to sound salesmanlike, but I developed these when people wanted to frame their items without sending the document, etc.

My website is and ad is on right of screen

The best way to get a feel for a frame shop is the types of materials they carry.  If they are willing to show you their workshop and the materials they carry, this is important.

To give you an example, we carry ONLY UV filtered glass and acrylic from Tru Vue, 100% cotton rag matting and white corrugated backing.  We do not have regular glass/acrylic or "acid free" mats.  

Acid free mats are made of wood pulp and over time can stain your items.

If the frame shop does not state to use cotton rag matting (solid color mats from top layer to core to bottom layer) AND if they recommend foamcore (even acid free foam) Don't walk......RUN!!!!

Foamcore is very harmful over time and out gasses and stains PERIOD.

Framers should use 100% cotton rag corrugated board as the second backing behind 4 ply rag (which the item is mounted on using only mylar corners or strips) 

Thanks Rick for the help!  I'll check your site out as soon as I can.  I'm looking for a backboard and double-matte board.  Does the color of the backboard matter (is it visible?) or can it just be black or white?  

Also, do you carry double sided adhesive tape in order to attach the two double mats together as well?

Thanks again,


Edit: I am checking right now, they are mainly pre-made frames, which could actually be less expensive than buying all the materials such as tape, boards, and such.  I'll browse for something I like.  I need a 12x14 frame for a 8x10 photograph (the matting needs to be 12x14).  Do you carry this?  I'm very interested if you do.  


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