Hey guys,

I need some major help, I was at a garage sale and i saw this signed baseball sitting in a corner. The wife informed me it was her late husbands ball and didn't know who the signature was. I asked how much she wanted and she said $1.00. Of course I said done b/c the case itself was worth more than that.

My problem is that I have no idea of who the signature belongs to. Please help me out. I thought it looks like Jo, but i have no idea!!!!!!


please help

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That's Ty Griffin.
Score one for  Steve "the Expert" Cyrkin. 
Re the Muhammed Ali discussion.  What about auto-pens with items coming from Ali's hq. or home.  Just how does one tell.

I don't know but someone will. Here's a discussion on Ali autographs you can ask in:



Autograph Live Cell Phone Friendly

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