Im hearing news of Chris cornell passing away.


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Its true, terrible news, im dumb founded.

Say hello to heaven, Chris Cornell!!

Totally shocked ... One of the great guys.

What a shame,only 52. Sad.

Its an easy signature to forge.

Ha, unless you have exact proof! Some call it "the weed leaf".

I mean now, the forgers will be hitting it hard. Prior his autograph wasn't.

Here's mine - I took a chance on this from an reseller a few years ago.  It was listed under 'collectible' for the album listing.  I asked about it on here years ago and never got a response.  It looks like it might be legit, but I can't say for sure. 

Edit - I know the picture is a little blurry so it may be inconclusive to tell.  I just uploaded the original one I submitted.  I had a crappy phone at the time and haven't taken a recent picture of this.  I just did a quick search and found it. 

Very sad. I just saw him 2 weeks ago. I had never seen Soundgarden live and was blown away how great they were live.
All the dealers are out to profit from his death, im seeing a lot of stock being listed online.

As is the case with every celebrity death ever. They're out to make money any way they can. A tragic death sure isn't going to be enough to kick their moral compass or sense of compassion into high gear.


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