Is this jimmy page autograph i bought from a dealer real

Bought in uk from a dealer as genuine. Kind regards

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I think this is sadly not genuine.
I have a coa. Looks like a easy signature to fake i guess. What makes you doubt it plz?

Who is the COA from? Most COAs are complete garbage.

The coa. Many thanks

Anyone can type and print out a COA. Just because a piece of paper says an autograph is legitimate doesn't mean it actually is. It's all about who's certifying it and the piece itself. 

See if you can get your money back. Hopefully they'll honor their guarantee.

Not genuine in my opinion

sorry Daniel but this is not genuine

Not real for sure.sorry.

I agree with the other members unfortunately. 

That is a little strange - "...acquired through the mail allowing us to guarantee its authenticity..."

Whatever that means.


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