Is This Michael Jackson Signature Real? (disturbia_rihanna_2009, mjjcollectionbay, kingofdaclub & tallerinmoreways2009)


I would like to know your opinions on this Michael Jackson signed Neverland stationary. The seller claims to have an email COA from PAAS. 

Much appreciated! 

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Frost had the first one taken down but the seller relisted it again here:

Sending to Frost again to have him get it pulled.

This cert has changed.  Last week it looked like this:

This week no mention of the double signature.

 Seller 'epropbay5' on is hoping to save on seller fees.  

Behind a fake MJ signed piece of paper (with fake COA) lurk several equally fake 'MJ' clothing items (pants, sparkly socks, sparkly glove, orange and red shirts), for which 'enquiries' are solicited.

The red shirt with button-down collar (shown with Neverland hat) appears to be the same one previously offered by ebay seller 'stinky_feet', see page 7 of this thread, which was offered on ebay in April 17.

The glove has some similarities with the one previously offered by disturbia_rihanna_2009 (see page 2 of this thread). 

Michael Jackson Autograph Signed Paper

Michael Jackson Late 1990s Autograph

A small note pad paper signed by Michael Jackson in the late 1990s. Was obtained over seas while Michael was visiting children's hospitals and touring for the HISTORY WORLD TOUR (1996-1997). The paper was signed in a black marker pen and matches known authentic examples of MJs signature. Comes with a letter of provenance the piece which will be sent protected from being bendable in the mail. Message me for any questions! Thanks for viewing!

 Seller 'epropbay5' has also added a fake pair of 'MJ sparkly socks'  offered at $350 start on, again with other items (same sparkly fake glove, sparkly fake Tompkins and Bush pants) hidden behind the initial offer.  

The fake COA 'signed letter' from David Gest  is unintentionally hilarious, as the seller obviously really doesn't know MJ at all....but please don't tell the seller what is wrong with the letter, as it will spoil our fun :)  

Also unintentionally hilarious (in the description) is the concept of 'slip on performance socks'.  I wonder how the seller puts his own socks on?

(Furthermore,  the seller claims in the description that MJ would have worn the same socks for both nights of the '30th Anniversary concerts', thus giving us insight into the sellers' own sock-wearing habits, hence presumably his previous ebay name of 'stinky_feet' :)  )

Michael Jackson Worn Crystal Socks With Signed Letter

Michael Jackson Worn Crystal Socks.

A extremely rare pair of slip on performance socks used by Michael Jackson in 2001 for his 30th anniversary celebration shows for being a solo artist for more than 3 decades. The socks show signs of use and we're most likely used both nights for the concerts. Comes with a letter of provenance from David Gest who was a producer for the concerts and TV Special, and some pictures of Michael in them. Thanks for viewing.


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