I am looking to purchase a large collection from someone and these Mickey Mantle cleats are the centerpiece.  I am looking to see if these look authentic or not.  It is my first time on the site but could really use some help as these, if real, are a truly unique find. These are the only two pics I was able to snap of them.  Thank you in advance for your help! I am a little concerned by how clear the signature looks and how he underlines the N in No. 7 (when he usually underlines the .) I apologize for the picture being rotated.

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Thank you for the opinions. This is definitely not authentic, & I'm going to stay away. Thanks!

I am curious why you replied to Terrier with "Just curious, what makes you think that?"

Then you comment with "This is definitely not authentic."


I was able to get a second look at it tonight to confirm not authentic. I had my doubts about the t, and the underline of the no. 7. So I was curious to see what someone else thought is all. After looking st it a second time, it was easy to see it was not authentic because the other shoe was also signed, exactly he same. Silly mistake for me not checking both shoes...

Chris...the other shoe is exactly the same? Obviously, as you said, that means it's fake, but more than that, it could be really important for finding the source.

Did they come with any authentication?

Steve, it did not come with any sort of paper trail or authentication.  I will post some better pictures tomorrow so you can see what I am looking at.  Thanks!

When an autograph is signed on something like shoes, it can throw a lot of irregularities into the mix. The K is too long, the T is too tall, and it's crossed in a curve instead of downwards. The M's look similar to the ones on the Mantles that were sold to our poor soldiers.

But when an autograph is signed on a something like a shoe, I defer to people like Chris Williams and Terrier.

BTW, Chris...Tony: I took what Chris Simpson said to mean he believed you that it wasn't real...and that was enough for him.

Gotcha, Steve.

Signature is fake. For all the same reasons as already stated, I agree.



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