There are tons of Ali signatures on eBay and all over the net. I bought one signed while he was still fighting on an SI cover from 1976. But with his disability, his signature has changed,  so many are questionable. I sent a few to PSA and they were turned down, although the seller said he personally witnessed them. What gives? Cassius Clay ones are obviously the most sought after. I'm looking for a Thomas Hauser book signed I can trust. But where to begin... Any thoughts or reactions?

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can't see the entire autograph. does the A in Ali actually go up to his nose?  If so, I would question it.

I have an in-person Ali, personalized to me, that was signed while he was in exile, in the late 60's. He also added "world boxing champ", which was cool because he actually was NOT at that point in time.

I will try to post this, but looking at the signature that started this thread, I see definite similarities, things that a forger would probably overlook.

No it's not the "A" going into his nose it's the "d".  The lighting was bad on the photo.
this is the 60's signature Ali I was referring to previously.  My parents obtained it for me at Cape Cod, while they were in a restaurant, and Ali walked in with his group.

Hes about the only one Iron Sheik likes lol


Bruce Lee admired him as well........and then boxers admired Lee back , Sugar Ray Leonard I think.

That does not look good. These scamers are heartless criminals that take people for more then there money! They sleep well Im sure on a pile of peoples hard earned money! Glad you found this site Rizwan stopping forgeries it what its all about!

Looks bad to me as well. Saw one just like this in a Phoenix area pawn shop.


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