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The story on this one is to have been 'concert used" it certainly looks USED....but it could have been just some old used Drumhead someone got signed..IF the signatures are even real. I did not see this one signed.


Can someone check the KURT, dave Grohl (which from my in person examples from Grohl this- appears authentic to me) nad the third member--Krist... but for some reason..he signed this with a  "C" iot looks like not a K for looks like Christ...??? SO I have questions on its authnetiity...i have no other info...signed around 1992


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Hi Mike, just thought I would send the photo again .  You are right the color has changed from blue to black !!   I don't know why, I had it framed with UV Plexiglass from Gotta Have It.  The good thing is that the color has not faded it just changed colors.  Thank God !!

Well, it's sort of a strange shade of black so maybe it's left over from the blue.

I know Mike, I would want to find out too if I knew I got something signed myself in one color and years later someone had it from me but in a different color.  I totally get it !!  LOL

As far as selling it I'm really not thinking of doing that in the near future.

I will always ask you first if I ever do.  Just curious, what do you thing it's worth in today's market ?  I can't seem to figure it out since people find it hare to authenticate Nirvana stuff.  

Sounds right about the economy and I sure won't get any authentication for it.  Don't worry !!   It's still one of my favorites and I wouldn't ruin it.


You are spamming this site with constant posts about the same two people. I warned you about this yesterday in an email. I am going to remove most of these and if you keep it up I'll have no choice but to suspend you.


Here is an example of Nirvana autograph signed on a 1991 Nirvana Newsletter tha was sold on the bay yesterday.



And here is for the died hard Kurt Cobain fan that is being offer for sale. A tour van from the days of Melvins with artwork by Kurt Cobain.







What does everyone think of this?

Lot Image

I do not like the Krist Novoselic. I have never see him sign with capital letters ever. The Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain does not look good.

It's hard to make out the Kurt.  What's the story behind the photo ?

It is up for auction online and it caught my eye. The sale has a bunch of nice items that are claimed to be signed in person backstage, "from collection of stage producer", comes with letter detailing when and where it was signed. It sounds fishy to me but thought I would see what others thought.






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