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I have been collecting autographed cards for many years.  I recently acquired several Peyton Manning autographed cards by way of the PeyBack Foundation.  I also have sent to Wayne Gretzky and received several cards, books, pucks, etc back from him c/o of his business.  


In April, I sent in 20 cards to PSA to be authenticated.  6 Peyton Manning, 13 Wayne Gretzky, and 1 Michael Jordan.  In May I received back my submission.  PSA concluded that 19 of the 20 items I sent in were not authentic.  The only one that was "real" was one of the Wayne Gretzky cards.  


I sent off an email to the PeyBack Foundation regarding how I was very upset about receiving back cards signed by someone other than Peyton.  To my surprise I received a response from Pat Breen at the PeyBack Foundation.  She/He said they were Peyton's personal assistant and that no one other than Mr. Manning signed the cards that were sent into the foundation. I was floored.  She was even so kind as to send us two autographed 8 x 10 photos.  


I decided after receiving this email to send one of the PSA rejected Gretzky and Manning cards to a Forensic Document Examiner.  The Forensic Document Examiner I chose was Drew Max.  You may have seen Drew on the tv show Pawn Stars.  He is the Forensic Document Examiner that they use to authenticate autographs that are brought into their pawn shop.  Please find below a list of his credentials: 


I received back both cards from Drew.  I'm sure you already know the results right?  Both items were deemed authentic.

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Hmm, again I'm not especially knowledgable in Manning - but, to me, that looks like a Manning should.  Without really looking into the matter too much, here's a couple ideas on what may have affected PSA's judgement if these are authentic:

-Most Manning sigs they see are probably a bit larger (on photos, helmets, footballs).

-Since Manning charges so much these days (for example, he's charging $200 minimum at this month's Mounted Memories Show), they might assume a signature on a less than premium item to be fake.

I shouldn't even have to defend this at all.  The proof is there.  Why would the foundation put in writing that the items are real?  Why respond at all if the items are not real?  Why would they risk their reputation as a charity?   Why would they spend money on COA's to be made up?  That would be expensive for a non profit organization.  Bottom line.  They wouldn't.


Bill, you'll find plenty of grumblings on this forum about PSA making mistakes.  This is looking like another one of those cases.  Personally, there aren't really any "jack of all trades" third party authenticators I put tons of faith in.  Even the best ones seem to have some serious flaws.

Yeah, I didn't say that in response to anything you said, so please watch your attitude.

Ok, finally figured out what you read.  I meant "looking like maybe another case of a PSA mistake," NOT "looks like another case of grumblings on the forum."  My comments were certainly not directed at you.

Here is a Peyton photo I took at training camp several years ago at Rose Hulman  and had him sign that year, I have a few others too will scan and post if wanted.

He was in the autograph tent the day this was signed, he signed another I took of him and Jeff Saturday for my son in tent that day also my son has it I will try to scan it when I can get it from him. here is another he signed after practice on the sideline and a pic of him in the tent

Good morning Gentlemen,

   Can you see this signature clearly enough to render an opinion?  It's for sale on CL.  Thanks in advance. 

In my opinion, this card matches all of the Manning items that are currently being offered from "official" sources, Topps, Upper deck, Mounted Memories, etc.

I think this item has a PSA sticker ( not sure )


Here are a few others that I think match waht have been shown...They look like a more current style of signature.


I'm in no way a Peyton expert...used to meet him a lot when he played for TN, and he was just in town a few weeks ago to shoot his new Buick commercial. So, I have a passing interest ( no pun intended ).


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