I want to compile a list of good eBay autograph sellers. Ones that try hard to only sell genuine autographs, and it shows. Ones that back it up when they make a mistake.

Please post links to their eBay accounts and their names. Post if they're full-time dealers, part-time, or simply reliable collectors.

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Even his stock, he buys a lot in of different people like many of the dealers, its not all,in person. He tried buying from me and im not saying everything these dealers buy is fake but you still have to check what your buying eg Autographs for sale, good dealer sometimes we question 1 or two things.

Yes. I've known him more than 10 years and he's always been excellent.

Thanks, keep them coming.

They always have autos from private signings and from deals at cons. I'm happy to be part of their "Autograph of the Month Club". Always something interesting in our mailbox.

i might as well post all mine i sell under 3 names  all ebay,i can answer all detials about any itiem

have a look not alot of autographs as i dont put alot on ebay but alot of music menoribilia.alot of my graphs get sent to the major auction houses .but u can always pm for requests i have tons off stuff




Beatleworld on ebay.
I would leave autographs99 off the list. They used photos I personally took of the Stones as "proof" on some of their own Stones guitars. I sent them a letter before they removed the pics with no reply.

That's disturbing.

Theres a dealer in the uk called
Mr sloane, registered uacc. He doesnt have anything in store at the moment.
Most of us know that photo proof is garbage, Dealers using the same old photos to sell over and over again. In the case of autos99 ,stealing photos that crap isnt on. Were the Stones sets fake?

My question is. Does it make autographs99 a bad dealer in order of selling fakes or is he using other peoples photos to make his legit items "proofen" to get a higher price?

No fakes.
Picture proof is garbage full stop. How many dealers use the same photos over and over again that proves nothing.
It comes down to whats signed, not filmed.


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