Hello again guys! A friend of mines uncle got the Single Back Chat signed by Queen. He said that his uncle who died several years ago, visited in 1983 the Queens concert in München (Germany) and was backstage in the VIP section and there he got that signed. My friend is curious to know if the autographs are genuine cause i guess his parents told him that story but still he would like to know from you guys. What do you say? Thank you for your time and help:)

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Very authentic imo.
It´s a shame that they are faded.

Thank you guys for your answers..i got a question about preservation..a black marker fades after a while right? how many years can it be crystle clear and strong..how many years..what about blue ball point markers that MR Richard is selling to me..will it always be this crystal clear or? because John Deacon is a bit difficult to see..i dont know will it fade out much more or...need some advice..i dont have much experience about it..and i did not think about it until yet.hehe which is a shame..i dont want my Queen signatures to fade away..a piece of Music history gone..what do you say guys?

Biro and pencil signatures age well. But it all depends on how they are displayed. UV glass, museum mounts and where possible away from direct light source. These Queen signatures have been stored away in a drawer in an acid free folder and envelope since the 80's!!

I think it is not genuies. but if it is, too much faded...i do not like the singature of Freddie and John...

Rogers sign, seem to be right...but who knows.

i would not buy this...sorry

David - This is 100% genuine. I received it from the tour manager myself!

The signatures of Brian, Roger and Freddie are very clear! John is not as faded as this scan suggests. He used a different blue ink sadly.

Regards, Richard.

Hi Richard, i made a misstake. I was ment the hot space above. not your item. sorry.

your "official program" seems to me very nice. love david

No problem at all David! Sincerely!



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