Hey everyone, I've received great advice from this site before and am hoping for a couple opinions.
Picked up this Williams ball the other day. Some research I found said Gallen Certs were good/reliable and was curious on what everyone thinks about it.
Also, this Mantle photo has been in my room since I was a kid. Only recently did I take a closer look and see the "chugging" throughout the sig. Any thoughts on the signature itself and/or the COA?

Thanks for taking a look and taking the time to leave your opinion! Greatly appreciated!

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Don't like the Mantle but like the Williams...


I agree that the Mantle is machine-signed, but not with a traditional Autopen. The stuttering someone mentioned is from a different device.

Ever seen anything like this before?

Also, thank you for all that you do with this site. It has provided me, and I'm sure many others, with a tremendous resource and wealth of knowledge about this hobby. I'm very grateful to you and everyone else who has put in all the time and effort to make this site what it is. I feel fortunate to have stumbled across the site about a year ago now. Thank you!
I run across "unauthorized" autopens on occasion. Anyone can buy an Autopen machine, so I'm surprised we don't see it more often.
This might be a stupid question so I apologize in advance... but what's the difference between an authorized and unauthorized autopen?

Authorized is when someone's office sends autopen signed letters with their knowledge. For instance, astronaut Autopens from NASA, presidents from their office, politicians, etc. These are documented and typically limited to know patterns.

Unauthorized is when a forger gets an Autopen machine and produces fakes to deceive collectors without the knowledge or permission of the person who allegedly signed the photo.

Gotcha. Thanks

I don't like this either. But, could it have been signed by Mick on a bad  day?

Not unless the Mick was operating the Autopen machine. It's an unauthorized Autopen signature with no-doubt characteristics.

"I don't like this either. But, could it have been signed by Mick on a bad  day?"


BB John,

Click to zoom in and look at the ribbing in a lot of the letters. That's a sign of certain kinds of mechanical signing.



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