Hi to all?

Is this an Authentic Rita Hayworth?

Thanks isn advancer your opinions. :-)

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Arte, just curious, what size is that photo? 

Robert, in cm is 15X 10´5 cm

Using an internet conversor should be something like

6 x 4 inch

:-) Small , but good for me 

 Thank you Robert, I love them!  So do i Pure Marketing on those times. :-)

Awesome, 4x6 Is nice. I have many signed in that format. I even like the smaller signed original snapshots. Good luck

Great to know that Robert,  we have things in common.By the way do you have any pic  of  your original snapshots signed ?, i never saw one,  I´m curious. :-)

I do and I will send some for you to see. I like the candid snapshots because they are unique, one of a kind. Just give me a little bit to unearth them.

Here's a few


They are amazing!!!! Great Collection! 

And you are completely right, they are one of a kind, that moment that will not happen again, and signed!

Congratulations Robert! 

I'm glad you like them. Thank you

Thanks to you Robert, for sharing with me and with us.

Iv learned one thing more today, thanks to you!


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