RR Auction Withdraws Questionable Black Sabbath Album Brought to Their Attention

UPDATE: I've edited the title of the topic to reflect the fact that the item has now been withdrawn from sale.



While checking out the items currently on offer at RR Auction, I was shocked to spot this Black Sabbath forgery (going at $715 + BP):

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

The item is stickered by JSA, and has supposedly been "Pre-Certified" by REAL (which I'm inclined to believe means absolutely nothing, i.e. Roger never saw the piece).

Although these very same cheap fakes have been previously discussed in other threads here on the forum (e.g. here), I thought this instance warranted it's own topic.

These amateurish fakes are very common all over eBay. Recently they seem to have adjusted their Iommi signature, but it still look pretty bad. They've also stopped adding the "SABS" and the dates (usually from 1999) to the Ward signatures.

I've compiled below a few examples of these forgeries form eBay, starting from $130. I've also listed some authentic ones, ranging from $900-2000.


FAKE: (seller: musicmayhem2016) / $130

FAKE: (seller: gtee2010) / $199

FAKE: (seller: scatpack_2016) / $250

This one even mentions the infamous (nonexistent) "Jeff Danzig" in the description.

FAKE: (seller: *starstruckmemorabilia*) / £395

FAKE: certed by JSA (seller: thetreasuredrock) / $2500


AUTHENTIC: (seller: wallsofsound2) / $899,99

AUTHENTIC: (seller: wallsofsound2) / $899,99

AUTHENTIC: certed by PSA (seller: inkster_sports) / $1095

AUTHENTIC: certed by PSA (seller: inkster_sports) / $1095

AUTHENTIC: certed by PSA (seller: sig21) / $1099,99

AUTHENTIC: (seller: presspasscollectibles) / $1199,99

AUTHENTIC: certed by PSA (seller: sig21) / $1499

AUTHENTIC: (seller: rocknrollmerch1975) / $2000

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Thank you. I am so relieved cause Black Sabbath verification lends credence to the story I was told that all these sigs are real and were mostly obtained at the show.

I have never figured out when Black Sabbath broke up

forgot to mention that there is apparently another signed live aid usa  program out there

Great work!!  I have a few Black Sabbath that I have not gotten authenticated and would love to hear what you thought on them.  


I have seen Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler sign in person,and they both along with Ozzy and Bill Ward, have signed alot for me....all the signatures on the Black Sabbath album are wrong, Bill Ward's is too neat and spaced apart,Tony Iommi's looks crushed and curved,Geezer Butler's is just a fast scribble and Ozzy's is too neat.....Here is an example of something they have signed for me....Ozzy,Geezer and Tony signed in 2012 and Bill Ward signed in 2013....Tony Iommi,Geezer Butler are the nicest guys ...  as well as Ozzy and Bill Ward...

That is a great looking set.

Thanks, They are the nicest guys....they even used green and blue pens , their signatures are usually in marker..

Here's one I purchased on EBay years ago with a Epperson COA

Wow, Beautiful signatures and perfect placement....

Thanks MC. I like the way yours is set up with the printed names with that font!!!
I always wanted one of the lithographs of the first album they sold that was advertised on the insert of the Reunion CD

Looks fantastic, a classic album too.

Thanks J. Mikael


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