I have been collecting Star Wars autographs since 1998.  Not all of my signatures are on Star Wars memorabilia.  For example, when I met Warwick Davis at a comic convention in New York City I had him sign a Willow photograph.  I also have publicity photos of Sir Alec Guinness and Christopher Lee from the 1970s and a Natalie Portman signed The Diary of Anne Frank theater poster from her performance on Broadway back in 1998.  My current wish list includes Peter Cushing, Terence Stamp and John Williams.  I am interested in knowing about the collections and wish lists of other members.

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Very nice Mike. Did you get all the autos in one day? Did Harrison sign all the photos at once or did you have to chase him all over NYC? How many altogether did he sign for you? How many other people, dealers, etc did you have to deal with? How friendly was Harrison and what was he in NY for? Congratulations again!

Lol thats a lot of questions, these were all signed in one day throughout NYC.

Sorry Mike, I wasn't try to get you mad. I've never met Harrison before and I've heard so many different stories about his signing habits. I love to hear stories about Harrison. I hope one day soon, Lord willing I am able to meet Harrison myself. Congratulations again, I admire you!

Very nice, Mike T.  Congratulations.

Thanks Mike!



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