Looking at authenticated signatures of his, this seems to be close/spot on but I just want other's to weigh their opinions.



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Any opinions? I bought it from ebay seller "hollywoodsigns2012".

I like some of his inventory and he appears to have some PSA authenticated items.



I'm thinking about sending it in to PSA along with a bunch of other autographs to get authenticated(primarily Star Wars), but would really appreciate it if somebody could help me on this cavill.

I am also I interested in this Milla as well. Thoughts on this?



I don't believe this Jovovich is authentic.

I agree after doing some research. Looks way too near to bet her scribble.
Please any thoughts? I wod really appreciate it.



Guess there's not alot of Cavill fans out there. Plus he's more new to the scene, so not tons of time to study his autograph. I have one in my collection, I would say yours is good in my opinion.

Haha thanks Tyler!

Loved the new movie and he will soon gain a lot more popularity with all the new movies coming.
Do you have any thoughts as to the seller's other items? He seems legit and offers fair prices as well.

Seems ok.  $900 for Andrew Lincoln figure is outrageous though, lol.

Yes it is!

I asked him about it and he said it is his favorite and is only listed high because he does not want to sell it unless he gets what he feels it is worth to him.

Understandable. I imagine trying to get him to sign the figure in the middle of a huge crowd was a bit difficult.


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