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I reallyliked this autograph (and photo) but the more I pondered it, the more I thought that maybe I shouldnt buy an autograph with a dedication on it - just sayin -]

It is a fitting dedication though, isn't it? :)   Regardless, I think this might be an example of an autograph's value being very minimally (if at all) affected by an inscription.  I know very little about Beatles autographs, but that looks like a amazing vintage McCartney to me.

You seem like you are just dying to buy a Paul McCartney autograph.

I am..LOL..that and a Frank Sinatra - ]  I made an offer on a McCartney tonight (will see if it gets accepted - crossing my fingers  its an autograph that Roger and some of the other guys on here thought looked authentic - This seller said he got it at a Pittsburgh concert in 2010....but it is not "dedicated" and it is a black and white photo (8x10) with Paul in Beatle Boots (photo looks mid 60's) - and it just is a cool looking photo -]

and yes..I think because it said "Sue" it got my attention more than if it had said "Mary" and it is a nice vintage signature for sure..



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