Hi guys I am trying to win this beautifully signed Zep 2 album.I am not starting this thread to talk about authenticity.As we can all see,it is legit.Why I am starting this thread is to get opinions on what it's worth.I will come clean and say that I am currently the high bidder on the album for 12669.00 before bp .15500.00 is around what it comes to after the bp.This one can go a lot higher imo.Any insight as to value would be appreciated.My threshold is close,what can this one get up to???

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I agree, Nate, it's one of the best signed Zep albums I've ever seen.

The red pen doesn't bother me at all. In fact, I like it.

I obviously didn't mind the red either.I also agree with u Steve,one of the nicest signed Zep albums out there.
I love the piece, but I think the one Nate owned /owns is possibly a little nicer with the "Frodo Lives", that being said I actually like the red signature too!

If nothing else the Nate LP certainly looks less tired and would be my choice for that reason alone.

I like Nate's better, too. Both are great pieces, tho.

Kind words, yes this is still part of my collection.

I too prefer it ;-)
They are both nice but I also like yours more Nate.


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