A newbie to the group.  Been looking around for a DDE war-dated TLS on SHAEF letterhead.  If you have any leads let me know.  I prefer content to be of no importance to keep cost down.  Thanks!  Dave.  

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Not a TLS but a very, very neat item.

If you start poking around various auction sites looking around for one, make sure you keep these in mind: http://www.isitreal.com/index.php?option=com_mtree&task=search&...

There are a lot of autopen Eisenhower's out there.

Thanks, John.  Nice piece, and uniquely signed just "Eisenhower."  However, I'm still holding out for the SHAEF letterhead.  There is one on Ebay that I'm 99% certain is genuine, but it is far overpriced at $1750.  Also included with the letter is a facsimile of his shoulder sleeve insignia with a short description. The seller has provided a "Best Offer" option that I am considering; I would probably offer much, much less.   

@ Brick - yes, I am aware of Eisenhower's autopen signatures (that we know of) from Army Chief of Staff through his Presidency.  It is my understanding that he did not use an autopen as Supreme Allied Commander, but if you know otherwise please let me know.  I know his secretary (Kay Summersby) signed for him as well, but it is my understanding that she signed her name and not his.  I could  be wrong with this as well.   

isitreal.com is a great resource. 

I don't have any further contribution to Eisenhower's autopen or secretarials. I just know enough with presidential autographs to be careful.

$1,750 is way too much for an Eisenhower TLS. I'd keep looking around until the right item comes around for the right price; sometimes we find only one of those qualities in an item and pull the trigger anyway--usually regretting it later.


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