Celeb's signing first name or initials only: Kinda a waste OR be glad to get what you get?

I have been hearing a bit more and more and have personally seen some of an increase in some celebs signing with just their first name, or with just initals. The Go-Go's been signing with their first name for years (even at store signings). I have a Bruce Springsteen tour book that while in Cleveland was signed with just his initials, and it seems Paul McCartney has been signing just "Paul" at times. Robin Zander of Cheap Trick autographs with his initials as well. Ringo Starr as we know signs with just his first name or with that very silly "star" symbol (like signing his last name takes any longer of time). Tom Petty is another artist known for signing both with initials and/or his first name only.

Now, I am not saying to not be glad to get what you get, especially these days. However, I just want to ask the question as it opens in my opinion discussion that centers around fan appriciation, celebrity laziness, fan quantity, celebrity arrogance, and is yet another factor in all our quests to obtain a celebrity autograph. I am happy to ever recieve an autograph for a celebrity of my choice, as I am sure you are too, however, there is such a bit a dissapointment when that signature is an abbreviated signature for you and I, the waiting fan.



Your thoughts.............

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Comment by Stephen Duncan on September 12, 2010 at 8:31pm
Comment by Chris Klamer on September 13, 2010 at 5:12am
I would have to say if you are chasing someone down for an autograph you get what you get but if you are paying this person $30.00-$75.00 or more then I would expect at least a decent looking sort of readable autograph. One of the trends I see in authentication is all they have ever seen from some celebrities is there hurry up and sign autograph at events and if you do happen to get a real autograph that you can actually recognize from them then they sa we don't recognize this signature from said celebrity it doesn't fit with any of our reference material.

Well there's my 2 cents and if anyone wants change forget it! ;-P
Comment by Stephen Duncan on September 13, 2010 at 7:07am
Hi Chris, you make an EXCELLANT point. On the streets, ya get what you get. At a convention of book signing, they do owe us as good of an autograph as they word "normally" sign say for business reasons.
My 3 cents.........
Comment by Chris Klamer on September 13, 2010 at 8:18am
As a matter of fact case in point here. I was recently at the DragonCon show and I have to say there were a lot of great signers this year so much so that I had to have something to carry all of the poster tubes in. First time I have ever had to do that.
Anyway I was able to meet Tia Carrere in person and I paid my money and all I received were her initials and needlessto say I was very disappointed. I would at least like something readable.

One other is Hugh Jackmans TTM, in person and signed cards. When you get his autograph on the street or at an event it's pretty much a scribble but through the mail his auto graph is identical to the one I have on an authentic autograph card from the X-Men movie. But everyone saysd that the one TTm is a fake so I really don't get it sometimes.
I alo have an example of Christian Bale in a blog on here some where and both signature are identical except mine has a To Chris which is almost unreadable as the rest of the signature but Christians is identical to the graded version from PSA but mine is a secretarial and they are identical in every way.
Comment by Chris Klamer on September 13, 2010 at 1:55pm
That is the problem the authentication is not consistent even when you have identical signatures. See the pictures below one has been authenticated and the other from the same company says it's a secretarial. So you be the judge.

Comment by Josh Board on September 17, 2010 at 2:56pm
This is an interesting topic. I say, be happy with what you get. At a book signing, I think you can ask them to sign the full name. Oops, I mean at a convention where you PAY for their signature.
But be careful. If someone is know for JUST initialing, and you have a full signature, someone might doubt it years and years later when you want authentication for purposes.
Comment by scott on September 17, 2010 at 6:28pm
It would not matter to me because I would not sell any autograph that I spent the energy to get. If I did not want it, I would not get it.
Comment by michael bartow on September 17, 2010 at 9:43pm
This would be a toss up with me. on the one side I would be happy that for what you can get. I know that Dale Jr signs his autograph with just Dale jr and that's it so that would be understood and yeah I would keep what I can get signed. However, lets say you run into some finacial issues and its been seen on ebay people are in need of money and say I hate to do this but I need the money and unless you don't care (buyer) about the autograph you'll buy it and not care but you would have some people who if I'm going to have it want it completely signed by the person so I can see not willing to spend x amount of money for like they said a ringo with that star looking thing compared to one that has his whole autograph. good question to ask
Comment by Stacy Saldana on September 22, 2010 at 1:47pm
This is interesting and I have found myself with one autograph that I debate over. Its John Cusack. I saw him several years ago and was waiting with maybe 4 other collectors. He came out of a club and walked. We all followed and he did not want to sign. Eventually John stopped to sign mine ( I think only because I said "I"m a fan, pleasssse!) Because the other guys were "dealers" or at least from my point of view because they had their 'stacks' of picutres and I had only my one. So, I think that helped me but at the same time, I only got a J-----(scribble) and thats it. So, do I consider that an autograph? Is that what he wanted to give me so I should be happy? Its hard for me because technically I know he stopped for me but at the same time it was as if he was saying "here, take this crap and go". As a fan, you want to appreciate or remember the moment you met the celebrity. You don't want to look at it and think "Whats this?".
Comment by Stephen Duncan on September 22, 2010 at 5:34pm
Stacy, you fully NAILED the root of this topic.
If I knew for sure this is not how he "normally" and/or "professionally" signs, I would be a bit pissed. Either way, I of course keep the signature and storybook the where, the when, and you have the what, as that autograph and encounter might find a home in a forum (such as this), a story told again and again, or something else in the future. Maybe it will bite him in the butt later on.


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