WYNNCO, Seller of Forged Rock Autographs for 20+ Years, Closed by S.C.!

Friend of this site, Jack Reynolds posed a question to the readers if they had ever heard of Wynnco.  He had bought a few items from them including a Cream album and a Ringo and thr Allstar Band signed cymbal:


He contacted me about these items and I had to inform him that they were not authentic.  He told me he works very hard for his money and that he would do everything he could to see that no one else would be hurt by this company.

Jack and I exchanged much information over the last 6 months regarding these items.  He also contacted the cymbal company and gave them the serial number on the cymbal and it was from 7 years after the cymbal was said to have been signed.  This along with the information I provided was used for his case.

After contacting every agency he could including the BBB and the state trade commission, he was informed that the company had been closed down and they had confiscated some of the items he had for sale on his site.

WYNNCO had been doing business through Goldmine Magazine and the internet for over 20 years, selling items that were not authentic.  It is such a great feeling to see these types of businesses go under for selling bogus material, and being able to help out in the way I did makes it feel even better. 

I hope this is a wakeup call to all the galleries and online sellers of bogus music autographs that we have only begun to fight.  The ball has been rolling for some time and the bad guys are getting stung one by one.  I joined this fight years back to help the collectors in making sure that their investments are authentic.  I have taken a lot of heat including being sued but like the State of South Carolina said "my opinion carries a lot of weight".

I'm not sure what is next in store for WYNNCO but I think criminal charges aren't far behind.  Let's just see what happens next, but like Steve Cyrkin says, these bad dealers are "dead men walking"! 

Another huge stride in "The Fight Against Forgeries!"

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The owner of Wynnco is Jack Wynne, and according to the collector, Jack Reynolds, they've been in business since 1978. The scammers aren't going to get away with it anymore.

but let's just hope that it doesn't take 20 years to take 'em out!

alot of this garbage is now floating around everywhere....

good show roger...   I'd take your opinion to the bank on any given day at this point!  Let's the ankle biters do what they do best...(make things up, distort the facts, and when that doesn't work did I already say "make things up" or take the rare exception and make it sound like the norm).  Even young grasshoppers who always want to take on the sensei.   I did that once with a 3rd degree and found out why many 1st degrees end up on their kistas!

I know how proud you feel roger!  Good Job!  I know I was on cloud 9 when the big time NASCAR forgery dealer was removed from ebay.

brandon... let's not pump him up too much as that Ten Gallon Hat won't make it thru the door, lol....

but regardless of those who understand the BBB they do, at times, get it right;

On a scale of A+ to F they rate;

BBB® F Rating which we should add a new definition of!

It's not about me, it's about all of us here at AML and Jack Reynolds that put this company out of business for good.  Jack used the resources that were available and put them to good use to stomp out this criminal company.  It's not easy doing this but he did a great job.  Team work is what it takes to to bring these companies down just like what was done to Jerry Gladstone and ARA.  The Fed's will take things from here and we at AML must continue our fight against forgeries.  I have heard that Todd Mueller Autographs will be the next in line to face the fire.  Maybe if he and his followers of 205,000 buyers pray hard enough it will just go away....and then again maybe not.  Let's just see how the artwork he sold plays out.  I seem to remember Steve Koschal had his hands in some fake Dali stuff around the turn of the century, they couldn't be linked together could they?  Todd Mueller told me personally that he called Steve Koschal a forger around 10 years ago; was this calling him out about fake art?   Let's just wait and see who gets thrown under the bus next!

No problem Steve. I may have gotten carried away with myself. lol. Bottom line, im glad to hear that Todd Mueller and Koschal will be next in line.

Roger, what do you mean by "I have heard that Todd Mueller Autographs will be the next in line to face the fire."? There's a big difference between possible civil and criminal actions, so please be clearer or edit/delete your reply. Thanks

It's right here on your site.  There has been some very questionable artwork that he has sold in the not so distant past that is going to be challenged.  This is the fire he will have to face.  It's known about the fake music autographs and other high dollar autographs he sold that were posted here but I believe this artwork that he sold many of for huge money will be a true test to his character.  If it comes out as authentic that would be great news to the collectors who bought it, if not this could be a real mess for him to dance his way out of.  One collector who bought an authentic Jimi Hendrix does not make up for all the other fake Elvis and Morrison autographs he sold in the same catalog.  I wonder if he refunded them yet for these?

Great work Jack and Roger!  The good guys win every once in a while.

Congratulations to Jack and Roger for their persistence, I, unfortunately, bought 2 "signed" albums from Wynnco which I still own. I got a Clapton in 1995 and Dylan in 96. Through the years and many mistakes I did get more educated, but wish I had done something about these two.
Nice job! congratulations to all who made It happen!


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