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Oh.. my... GOD... Really?! He's just changed his ID (nickname) on eBay! Probably he's thinking that he the most smartest guy in the world. He must be a Hero of the Day in nomination: the most stupid idea. Maybe he's didn't know that everyone can see your previous ID/nickname.

Check it out: .


A member from e-bay suggested i change my Id and password, i know that my previous id could be viewed by clicking on the icon. I contacted e-bay and they are looking into it.


I'm not a lawyer, but I think you had chosen absolutely stupid strategy to defend yourself and your own reputation. It doesn't help to you. You already lost this 'battle'.

Or you still believe that you'll find the way to delete feedbacks? Sorry, it's impossible to do that. Even if you'll write eBay and ask for it - they will not do it.


This is too funny. You guys made my day

Here is another topic on bigjake back from 2011 on a post by Roger Epperson. Oh wait, Jake you were hacked back then too weren't you?

Hi Steve,

"Yes, I consider my self as a beginner. I don't consider myself an expert in anything because I'm simply a collector.

This particular piece was sold on ebay. I started looking for Elvis' autograph in 2006. Since I'm located in Norway I thought Ebay was the only way to find something like this.

The seller went by these seller ids: aztec-rino, sunlady1969, percypurple, bigjake1120, roadshowcarny, sweetcarnation

One thing that made me suspicious was that the seller didn't want payment to go through paypal..

Here are a few examples:

This only goes by memory, and I do remember these being sold on ebay by this seller.."

I believe if you check back in this thread (page 8 to be specific) you will see that our pal "Jake" made an effort to terminate this entire discussion. 

Steve came in and reopened the conversation...

Much to Jakes' delight now no doubt... 

Right "Jake"??



Could you please post the links?

Man when you see those one after the other...side by get a bad feeling don't you??

I've never seen so many "written on scraps of paper" in my life...

Anybody heard from or talked to Jake lately??


He is probably still on the phone with ebay...Trying to figure out this mess.


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