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I don't think that's Elvis. Let's see what others say.

Thanks Steve, i was leaning toward being authentic, but i would appreciate other opinions.

In my opinion, this example is real

The salutation concerns me the most.

It caught my eye as well at a glance.

Not saying anything about this piece at all, but it would be interesting to see a list, compiled by folks like Steve and Pete etc., of features/tricks commonly(?) seen in cut/loose forged sigs in general. In some situations the vague can bring a certain clarity.

FWIW I have no hesitation in stating that this is not genuine... it for sale currently?? And if so where??

Steve, I know what your saying about the salutation. I put the breaks on when looking at it but in my opinion saw enough there to say real.
Eric, excellent suggestion.

Elvis's writing is rarely this smooth. He tended to write a bit awkwardly, unpolished.

  • You rarely find fat tall letters. The shape of the Ls especially concern me.
  • I don't recall ever seeing Ts looped vertically, and almost never tall like that.
  • His Hs are smaller, and if they have any vertical loop at all, it's very minor.
  • His small letters are usually much closer in height. The small letters in this salutation tend to be larger at first and get smaller as the word goes on.
  • The degree of slant, especially in his signature is rather extreme.
  • The P is unusually large.

Of course, I could be wrong Jake. Get a quick opinion from Epperson if you feel comfortable with it and don't want to miss out in case Don and I are wrong.


You're not wrong Steve...

This garbage was part of a huge sale of bogus Elvis on eBay 7 or 8 years ago by a California seller and UACC member with the handle of christinareading...

I've discussed "her" selling spree on eBay here in a past thread...I'm betting she sold upwards of 50 fake Elvis.

This is one of them...


So who owns it now?


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