What do people make of this '62 Beatles set? At first viewing the Harrison doesn't look good.

I spent some time studying other examples from 1962 and have come to the conclusion that it's probably okay. Certainly not a typical example but sharing several common traits with other Harrison autographs from the period. 

What do you think?

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I like the George. Some what  neater than his usual style, The entire set are neat and tidy. Probably signed in a relaxed mood on a firm surface. Actually are real good set of Beatles signatures.

Thanks Spaceman, I'm glad you concur. 

I like this set as well, including the George. Very nice.

I like the signatures but not the yellowing paper.

I think it may be yellowish paper, not simply yellowing.

The sigs are fine. I've seen this one several times...

Thanks guys for your opinions. 

Shows how much I know about Beatles sigs. I've been watching this for a while (live auction on "thesaleroom.com" later today) but I had no intention of bidding as I thought this was another one of those provincial auction house duds. To be more precise, I thought that Paul's signature and inscription were OK but that Paul may have signed for the others too. The other sigs just looked too neat and uniform - pen pressure etc.

I still won't be bidding by the way. 

Here's a better pic:

Thanks Ballroom.

Sold for £2,600 plus fees. That’s a great price for such a Lovely early set. 

A dealer could flip that easy!




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