1975 Bob Marley poster with handwriting that bears striking resemblance

So I came into possession of this tucked into a huge record collection of classics rock and pop, from the 60’s and 70’s, and I’m looking at it this handwriting on it which I didn’t notice before. I got a chill when I read it: “does the lamb cry out before we shoot it dead. yes! when we find out it’s not a lamb”  

I think that’s kind of odd but not in the context of the body of work of Bob Marley. Sounds like something he’d say or write.  

I have compared it to many examples of his writing and I’ve seen some striking similarities with certain letters or combinations of letters, plus it runs from cursive to lower case print, something Marley did.. a rather haphazard style of handwriting but the sample aligns with that. I’m hoping someone could corroborate my suspicion that this was written by Marley. Two lines of prose, no signature (and I apologize if I’m breaking decorum discussing a non-signature writing sample) I’ve picked out a couple things to support my case, can anyone weigh in? Or any advice on whether this can ever be authenticated or is it just a vintage poster  

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"Most likely it is the idle scribblings of a sophomoric pothead.  Simple as that."

This made me lol. 

"can you imagine a realistic scenario whereby Bob Marley was presented with a poster of himself, but, rather than simply signing it, perhaps adding a quote from his own work, he instead chose to add a quote by another artist working in a musical genre far removed from his own?"

That's a nice question.



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