Came across these at an eviction. Pretty sure I know the answer but just want to confirm. Any help is appreciated. 

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"NO" to both...

Oh Dear

A big NO to both.

No man...

Thank you for the responses. She had an unbelievable amount of stuff, including a pretty decent record collection, so just wanted to be absolute sure. 

These are not genuine. They appear to be fan-signed as opposed to 'for-sale-forgeries.' As the ink on the signatures faded, it seems someone then tried to enhance the original ink by drawing over top of them, perhaps hoping to impress or convince an unsuspecting amateur collector they were real.

Why did we mark our records with these fan signatures? Back in the day, as kids, many of us (me, included) were fascinated by Beatle signatures, which were ubiquitous - in magazine photos, gum cards, posters and the like. This fascination became useful, too, as a way to distinguish ownership of records, especially when taken to school or basement parties.

I remember, for example, a few tense moments at parties, especially with 45s, when, at the end of the night, multiple ownership was claimed for popular records. Without a name, number or sticker (or Beatles faux signature) on the labels - providing proof of ownership - anyone could claim them (and often did!).



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