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Hello everyone,

I am curious to know the worth of this Jabulani Replica Fifa 2010 soccer ball.
It has the signature of Diego Maradona and several other players.

My mother was the hairdresser for the team during the world cup, and I gave them this ball to sign for me. 

Thank you in advance for your help.


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I'm no expert on maradona but the signature on the ball looks strange, not seen an E in diego like that before and they look like they have been all signed with hand IMO

look like all signed by the same hand!!!!

This is me with Tevez in 2010, the day I gave them the ball.
I have photos with the goal keeper, the junior team, and photos of my mother with Messi. 
So I highly doubt it is done by the same hand.

Well, Maradona's autograph is averaging around $1500 right now because of his unfortunate death and I just noticed you have Messi on here too which carries about a $400 autograph. The other autographs like Tevez and Di Maria are also worth a lot, but not that much like $100 each so you get my point. This ball is worth a lot of money.


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