Here are three more David Brook items being sold by Medusa Auctioneers (Germany?).  Two of the sets come with a photo of David Brook with the Beatles. David Brook was an engineer at a discotech in Essex.  The first set of autographs with the picture look good but the other set with the photo looks like a Neil Aspinall set.   The “To Jenny” set of autographs with no photo might be good. Any other thoughts.

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I'd say you were spot-on. When I saw these and the signed programmes I also thought that the "To Jenny" paper and the first photo card were probably OK and all the others definitely not.

I don’t see any Aspinall signatures here. It looks like the two sets with the pictures were signed at the same time. I believe the guy in the photo is Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers, who also signed those two sets.

In the second photo example I was put off by Paul's autograph but I guess his inscription looks right, if hurried.

that is definitely Gerry's signature

Here is another photo set. Possibly signed at the same time or for someone  special.

These all look genuine to me. What's strange is that they signed several identical items, obviously at the same time. Maybe they were destined for a group of local fans or personalities. A similar example has been sold by a UK dealer (beatlesmarketplace). Looking at the photo, I'd date these to early 1963, or maybe the Roy Orbison tour in May, when Gerry & The Pacemakers (Gerry is clearly in the pic and has signed) were also on the bill with the Beatles.
That the Dutch auction house that sells them also has a series of similar signed tour programmes with Aspinall signatures makes the whole thing even stranger - they also give the same person as source for the Beatles/Gerry sets and the Aspinall signed programmes.

The photo set I posted is the Beatlesmarketplace set. It is part of my collection. I would say the sets were signed  some time in 1963. 

Sam is probably right that the two items with photographs are from the Beatles/Roy Orbison tour and from May 1963. Given the location of the photographer (Barking, Essex) and the recipient (Essex), I would guess that these were signed at the time of the Walthamstow show on 24 May or the Southend-On-Sea show on 31 May. Maybe the photographer took the shots when the groups arrived and produced the cards before the show finished. I guess the cards could also have been signed before the photographs were added.

I wonder how you would classify these. I guess signed greetings card might be the best description.. 

Looking at the clothes they wear, it looks more like a winter or autumn date... But more like early, not late 63?


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