Too many things that look false IMO (and the opinion of some of my collectors friends in the US and Europe). Any opinions here?

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One of them is now up for auction at Iconic...

That autograph was sold through RR with a REAL COA - why isnt this mentioned here in their advert?

It doesn't make much sense...

Perhaps the COA was withdrawn after our discussion here ;-) ?

Strange indeed.

It is not uncommon for Iconic to replace a previous letter with a letter from PSA, Beckett or whoever their preferred TPA is at the time. They are certainly not going to highlight it is a flip that was recently sold at a competitor auction house.

I have no opinion on the item itself.

It's so easy....! You can send any autograph to Beckett and there are some guys "working" which "knows" several hundredthousands of autographs in the world and authenticate every signature you wish! I'm pretty sure they don't look or check autographs but write COAs only. That's business!!

A dog has his own opinion, a cat has his own opinion your grandma has her own opinion and if you have an own opinion you can settle an authentication service. 

Most RR music is pre-certified by REAL, no COA is issued unless the buyer wants to pay for it. 

Ah, so it's likely that who ever bought it from RR didn't pay for the COA.
I think it already had a COA prior to the auction. The other photo is currently for sale on eBay with a REAL COA dated 7/7/14.

Those autographs listed in this thread all had a REAL COA and no pre certificate...

It appears that the first signed photo in the OP has been removed by eBay.

This listing (401352324752) has been removed, or this item is not available.

Which ebayer was selling them?



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