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Ebay Seller Clubhousegames Mickey Mantle Autographed Book My Favorite Summer UGLY and HILARIOUS Forgery

Check out the below Mickey Mantle forgery on a copy of "My Favorite Summer" book found on Ebay.

The below ugly Mickey Mantle forgery on a copy of "My Favorite Summer" book is listed by Ebay seller Clubhousegames.

Are you serious, Ebay seller Clubhousegames?

This is an ugly and hilarious Mickey Mantle forgery!!!


This is why sellers of forgeries list their crap on Ebay; they know the suckers and wannabe autograph collectors will purchase their forgeries.

In this case, I doubt if the Ebay suckers and wannabe autograph collectors will buy this garbage listed by Ebay seller Clubhousegames, but then again, I wouldn't be surprised if a sucker or wannabe autograph collector makes an offer on this piece-of-crap Mickey Mantle forgery listed by Ebay seller Clubhousegames.

That's why it isn't shocking that Ebay has probably profited millions from the sales of forgeries since 1994.

This is simply an ugly, hilarious and poorly-executed Mickey Mantle forgery listed by Ebay seller Clubhousegames.


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It looks like my 6 year old son signed it:-) That's just about the worst that I have seen - so far.

I find it STILL difficult to work out which is an authentic Mantle with some of them ; - but this one was sooooo  bad that I also nominate it for the worst one I have ever seen & the easiest Mantle forgery to  spot (from a long way off!!!!)

Seller says Mickey Mantle drank a 12 pack of Busch Light right before signing.   

I'm only kidding of course.  =)  That is one ugly forgery

That looks like more of a 30 pack Jason. lol

I perfer Busch over busch lite thank you very much =)

Seller ended it

Another eBay seller with the IQ of a peanut selling hilarious forgeries signed by squirrels. 

It takes many hours of training to train those squirrels to sign that badly

Well I think on this one it looks more like the seller was just selling the book more than the fake auto.  He had this in the written area, not sure if you all caught this or not: 

Up for sale is a First Edition copy of My Favorite Summer 1956 by legendary baseball great Mickey Mantle and Phil Pepe. This is the first edition and first printing of this autobiographical account of the summer of 1956. The title page has a Mickey Mantle signature, but I have no way of verifying if it is a real signature or not, so I will assume it is not real. The book is in good to very good Condition. There are no tears on the dust jacket, but there is some shelf wear at the top. There is also some discoloration present at the top and bottom edges of the cover. The binding is still tight and strong. all pages are intact and the black and white photos are in great condition. See Photos for details I may have missed.

Wascher, you may be correct, but it IS listed under autographs.   Also, I never bothered to scroll all the way down, because it looked like the listing information ended before that section.   I never would have even looked that far down, had you not mentioned it.  

The more I look at it. The more I wonder about it. Did the forger look at and smile with a feeling of accomplishment?


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