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Hello AML members. I purchased an autograph book from my mentor a couple of years ago with 87 autographs in it. My mentor worked for KABC in Los Angeles. He was a producer and kept this book at his desk for the most interesting of guests. The singers in the book were all guests on the Michael Jackson show (white British guy) and while waiting in the green room,  my mentor would hand the select few the book and a writing utensil. He would then ask them to write "there meaning of life." The majority obliged, leaving some wonderful inscriptions and some drawings. It is a time capsule of the late 80s and early 90s pop culture. Ot covers the gambit from music, film, literature, politics, sports, 1 astronaut etc. I can only put a few pictures here. The hope for myself and my mentor is to publish it for historical purposes and as a good reference book. Any suggestions? Enjoy the few photos. 

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It's one of my top pieces. I want to publish it as a coffee table book. That has always been the plan even as my friend collected them. There are some great inscriptions, and full page writings and a couple drawings. 

What is the thing about this "mentor"  Who is he/she? Why not mention their name? How did they mentor you?

No reason. His name is Jon and he mentored me in many things over the last 25 years. Radio, autographs, budgets, crashing Hollywood gatherings and the entertainment industry in general. We met over a conversation about James Dean. He has lead many down a successful career in the business.

would have liked t heard that conversation on jame dean!


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