Ok so on eBay is the holy grail of TAGS!! A album page supposedly signed on the desilu set back in the 60’s in pencil! I have talked to a couple of my buddies who have been collecting years more than me and they not I think this can possibly be real! They nor I have a piece signed by Mcnear, bavier, knotted and Andy on one item! I have all of these names but on separate items and so do my collecting buddies but in all our years never seen this! Of course it has a bid at $200 because people just don’t know. I wanted to get your thoughts? I think someone found a Don Knotts album page because the knotts looks authentic to me and added the others to increase the value and make it more desirable!! The andy looks off, the Mcnear believe it or not looks close! Thoughts anyone? Thanks for your input!! 

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Personally I would not touch it. 

The seller just responded stating no refunds whatsoever. What does that tell you.

Those album pages were common in the 1960s. I wound up buying one loaded with 1960s football and baseball star autographs, even big stars. But as an AGS fan, nothing I had would compare to something like this-if real.

It does appear (as Tim suggests) it may have started as a Don Knotts signed item and was forged with the others. The N in Knotts looks a little funny, though. I don't know Bavier or McNear autographs but the Griffith is similar in style but the handwriting appears as if someone was copying it from Griffith's version.

A general check of the seller feedback shows they sell similar items.

Its a huge fake. I saw it as soon as it was listed. He refuses to answer any if my questions regarding it. There are many problems with it. I wish I could tell all if the watchers and bidders myself to avoid it at all costs. Since eBay is such a huge dumping ground for fakes and forgeries, they could care less. Unfortunately someone is going to win this and pay for it thinking it is real. Would you care to share a picture if your NcNear on here. I have only seen 3 that I would seem authentic. And I have been a collector for 30 years now. Also if you know the back story on when and where he signed it. Thanks.

Looks like it may be time for me to run my eBay auction explaining how easy Andy Griffiths is to forge. And how many different versions there are out there. I had many eBay members thanking me. I haven't done one in over a year now

 If any of you are sellers on there feel free to also educate any potential buyers. Sellers will keep on putting out the junk as long as buyers continue to buy them.

I flat out asked him if he is going to give a full 100% refund if the item doesn't pass psa or any other 3rd party service. So far no answer.

Attached is my studio portrait signed by Howard Mcnear!! Signed pre stroke in pen for an executive of desilu productions and I purchased years ago from an estate sale. That’s about all I know. 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Tim....would you consider selling it to me?

It wouldn't surprise me is JSA or PSA did authenticate it just based on the album page. If you don't believe me, google "JSA PSA hauls of shame" for some of their 'winner's'

Anyway, even the Andy Griffith Museum in Mount Airy, NC has a fake (Linke) Griffith signature in their museum. So people can be fooled sometimes.

I have seen plenty of album pages. I know they exist. However this particular one is not genuine.

"That look" again, undedicated, unsubscribed, loose sheet...incredibly optimistic material...just like the previous cast of Gilligan's Island...or the SNL cast with Belushi and Radner for $199, or the Rolling Stones vintage album page for $3-some, or the Sex Pistols w Sid for $199...the Jackson 5 for  $172...Nirvana (w Phil Hartman) for $ can be had, certainly, but not all day from the same seller.  And these prices...and most all appear to have sold :(  


There were also Ted Cassiday, Chico Marx, Harpo Marx, Oliver Hardy etc. all are "key" ones within those collections.  I think it says a 39 rating yet I clicked a link somehow and came up with a different name with 1000s of ratings.  So either this is a different account or there was a name change.  The album page in question here I could not get past the "Griffith" if there are a 1000 signatures on an item and one is a possible forgery I do not care if the 999 are OK.  I can somewhat see a secretarial Gleason on a Honeymooners set though I would not want one.



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