A Theatre for Dreamers (plus exclusive signed CD) Polly Samson- CD signed by David Gilmour and Polly Samson

it says it's available but i can't get my order to go through, in case anyone else has more luck

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Just got a message back saying they will get back to me on Saturday, so hoping they do because she said it will also be signed by their daughter Romany who also sings on the record. the others just said signed by Polly and David so these would be even rarer than even getting a David Gilmour autograph in the first place 

Had my email through today asking for payment. So it seems I got lucky. Hopefully you will too Ken

Man, i hope so, a little concerned now since I was one of the first to email them and you were contacted already while they told me they would get back to me Saturday. was the payment they were asking for reasonable?

Yeah £11.99 including postage - I am in UK. I hope you hear soon as you were the one who put the link up on here for others. Fingers crossed for you Ken.

Yeah I hope so too, of course it won't be the end of the world if I don't since I got in on the first ones but I thought it would be cool to get one of these that had Romany's signature as well

Thanks Ken. I totally missed the Rough Trade offers, but on this one I got both offers for me (the "normal" one signed by David & Polly and the one signed by their daughter too), and my wife even got a third one. So it's going to be a nice week-end...

I applied to both at least 45 minutes after your post, so you should also be in. Watch your spambox though, because the payment request ended up there for me.

well I am hoping I got this altho I only just saw this.  Its my first tweet as well so I am not holding much hope as am not sure I got it right, but it does show my name up there.  Here's hoping and thanks to Ken for posting such a brilliant deal up, altho not sure if I have tweeted correctly.  And how would you know if you won?

Cool glad you got in on it in time, this is such a hard-to-get signature that this is one you'd hate to miss out on, still waiting to hear back and emailed them again so hopefully. I was able to order a couple of the Rough Trade ones but I saw people posting that they might cancel extra copies, worse case scenario is that I will only get one autograph that I thought I would never get so not too bad lol  

Just received a payment link from Newham bookshop saying that the book is going to be signed by Polly Samson and the CD by David Gilmour and Polly Samson (not the daughter) !

Shipping is next week and as far as I could both offers from their webpage are sold out. Guess I was one of the last lucky ones to be on the boat !!

oh you are  lucky.  well done

Yeah, i finally heard back from them and they offered 3 choices, A. the one book with the Cd signed by David and Polly, B. the 3 books with the Cd signed by David, Polly & Romany or C. both offers with 4 books and both signed Cds for around $50, it was over $40 additional shipping putting it just under $100 but still seemed worth it so I tried to pay for offer C through the link they sent me and no card will work. the link is through izettle payments which is owned by Paypal but all I can figure is that they may not accept payments from the USA since i know there is money on my cards but each one shows declined when I use the link.  they asked me to try to do an international bank transfer and while i'm confident they are legit i'm still not sure about that as I've never done one and I'm not sure how safe it is. anyone else have trouble paying through the link or have any advice?



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