A Theatre for Dreamers (plus exclusive signed CD) Polly Samson- CD signed by David Gilmour and Polly Samson

it says it's available but i can't get my order to go through, in case anyone else has more luck


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Undamaged ones go for more. Not sure what this guy was thinking.

Yeah I noticed that. You'd think once he destroyed one hed not do a second one but maybe he put rubbing alcohol or something on both at the same time and it disintegrated.

I don't really get why it sells for more without Polly she wrote many of their songs. I prefer the ones with her and Romany. 

Just for the record, removing Polly's signature is completely stupid (and not very nice...) because she is also a significant part of Pink Floyd: she wrote most of the lyrics on Gilmour's last LPs (On an island & Rattle that lock) and the same for the last Pink Floyd LPs (Division Bell & The Endless River), though not always credited...

Agreed, I don't see why they sell for more without her on it. I'm curious if they'll do any more signings after seeing them all show up on eBay, and especially if Polly seen her name removed from some. That would piss me off if I was her since it was a promo for her book. I'm just glad I got some for my collection. 


I'm happy to have them both on this CD- they are a team here. I'm a Floyd fan too, Waters really, and would not pursue this as a Floyd piece. Gilmour is not that hard to get - I found a 1984 tour ticket signed on the Reverse for $70 on eBay raw with little looking. Also found a tour-signed Pros and Cons gold stamped promo LP for $39.

I don't care about much about the value, I'm not selling any of mine. My daughter will end up throwing away my collection or selling it at a garage sale for a few bucks when I die, so no loss to me. I just enjoy the autographs... She was involved with the songs, and it's not a Pink Floyd release, so I would rather have her on it than not. Maybe my tastes are different than most collectors... But I don't pay too much attention to their personal lives so I don't know too much about the drama, I just enjoy David's guitar playing, he's my favorite guitarist next to Jimi, and Pink Floyd is my favorite band by far. (Especially when Roger was involved). I also like all of Rogers solo stuff (I prefer it to David's, but like them both). Even without Polly, it's still not a Pink Floyd release... So it doesn't make sense to me that its worth more without her on it... And the ones with Romany seems to sell for a bit more than without her... So it's kinda odd to me that the value is lowest to highest, Polly David, Polly David Romany, then David alone. I know that's how it goes but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me... And it doesn't have to. 

As far as p****** her off, and whether you/I/anyone feels bad for her or not... I don't really care too much either... but if she's as vindictive and sketchy as you say, then I could see her saying F everyone I'm not letting David sign anymore. It wouldn't be the first time autograph sellers have killed off any chance of a celeb signing. Hopefully if what you said is true her greed for book sales will prevail and she'll get him to sign in the future.

Regardless, if shes the only way to get David to sign then I'm grateful for her for that at least. If it wasn't for her these wouldn't exist and we'd be stuck paying $1000 for his autograph, and you wouldn't have made $1200 profit (plus however many you got that were signed by her). I assume you got more than that, not just randomly got the only ones she didn't sign. 

So regardless of her personally, thanks to her, I have more of his autographs than I ever thought I would and paid pretty much nothing for them.... So I guess if she gets pissed and doesn't have him sign anymore, no big deal to me, I'll still have plenty of his autograph... But hurts the hobby overall when any celebs refuse to sign... It seems most autograph sellers seem to have a short term approach to their business model. Hound celebs to death, have no respect for them, and piss them off till they refuse to sign anymore. I seen the same thing with Rogers concert, then the next city I went to he yelled at the few people there about eBay sellers and barely signed anything. Happens all the time... 

That was long. 

Yup... had to write a long response to your long rant. 

And just for clarification, dry erase doesn't cause the CD cover to flake off or erase, like whatever happened to those eBay listing ones (at least the dry erase marker I had didn't). I tested it on one of mine. It takes off the Polly signature fine. Maybe the blame was justified... Or maybe you happened to get the only ones Polly forgot to sign. ; )

Now maybe I'll list it on eBay for $400. Lol

First six sentences are ALL completely wrong!

1.) You are a dealer and you are selling your stuff to customers. Fine, but dont pretend you KNOW what fans want. You are NOT a fan.... and quite possibly your customers are NOT Pink Floyd fans too. Autograph collector doesnt mean the same thing as fan of band.

2.) No, she does not ruin the item. She adds to the item. Why? Because she did her job on the CD.... she wrote the lyrics. When she signs the item, she does not "delete" David´s signature, she adds her autograph. Do you know math? 2 > 1.... And "+" is not "-".

3.) Just my idea about how it possibly is.... Maybe she can differ between fan and dealer (and it would not surprise me if she was familiar with you since you obviously is quite.... rude towards her) and she tries to protect Dave from people like you. For me, it´s precisely opposite. What she does is, that she actually makes DG´s signature much more available for FANS. IMO - greedy dealers may possibly get annoyed, because with wider offer, price drops down - so you make less money and also you have less possible clients (because large part of demand is going to be meet by these events) who will not jump on overpriced offers on ebay or wherever.... So this comment is nothing than exposed greed and anger from spineless dealer. BTW how many books you bought? 20? 40? 100? Who cares about your 400 USD.... only you, we dont give a damn here.  

Agree PF. His only previous addition to this thread was to try and sell one with Ro's signature. 

"Lol - says the guy who takes pens and never gets them back :( " - Van Grant

What did this other deleted comment mean? I am remotely curious.



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