A Theatre for Dreamers (plus exclusive signed CD) Polly Samson- CD signed by David Gilmour and Polly Samson

it says it's available but i can't get my order to go through, in case anyone else has more luck


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Did you just submit a screenshot of the order on Amazon? I wonder what they accept as a receipt since most people will probably order it online.  

That is what I did last night and I confirmed with them that it worked. Their website has preorder links for Amazon, BN, BAM and a few others. So I think that is all they are expecting.

Cool thanks. I did an order on Amazon and sent a screenshot so hopefully that was good enough. Cant pass up a Gilmour autograph. Now I just need to figure out what to do with these extra books haha. Library here I come... 

yeah, I just submitted my Amazon receipt, the link on the tweet to buy them has Amazon as an option so it seems that is fine. I got this from the page confirming they received my proof but no actual email, I looked it up and this is her actual publisher that tweeted this out so it should be legit.

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That was all I got too. No email but hopefully it goes through okay. I probably should have screenshotted that for proof I submitted my entry but it'll probably be fine either way. Guess I'm not out anything it if don't except another book I already own. Lol

just copy the one I posted, there is no real info on there saying whose order it is so you can still use it for proof if necessary. the thought did cross my mind that since it's Amazon I could always just return the book after they shipped the CD or if they don't ship it for some reason, but my moral compass is telling me that's just wrong so I probably won't lol

Thanks for advising about this. I just bought the book from Amazon - only .42 cents. I had rewards to use. Anyways, I uploaded my receipt to the link. I missed out on this CD before and glad I did not buy on EBay. I waited it out and this came along. Cheers Friend.

A David Gilmour Autograph for .42 cents, I bet you never thought that would happen lol. I asked the publisher about not getting an email confirmation and they said if you email emailmarketing@algonquin.com with your name they can confirm that they received your receipt. 

LOL! Exactly what I thought. One of the best deals I got. Although, a few years back I was rummaging through used CD's at a place called Cheapo Records and I found an autographed Prince CD signed to Appolonia (Patricia). I freaked out. I only paid .99 cents plus tax and it came to a whopping $1.06 - I had it appraised for $1000 but I think it is worth more. Prince rarely signed stuff. Take Care Man!

Wow, I am totally jealous this is an incredible find !!! 

My roughtrade order from UK to the USA, is out for delivery today...after spending 17 days in Chicago with no movement....


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