A Theatre for Dreamers (plus exclusive signed CD) Polly Samson- CD signed by David Gilmour and Polly Samson

it says it's available but i can't get my order to go through, in case anyone else has more luck


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Nice! International mail is very slow. Even though the mail travels via plane, the delay is with customs. I have been waiting for a registered package from Germany that shipped March 29th. I order a lot from overseas and I am in Minnesota. You have to have patience. 

That Chicago hub is atrocious.

I just checked with Algonquin as the order redemption states, "while supplies last" and got the reply below.   Thought this might be helpful. 

Thanks for reaching out. I’m happy to confirm it’s still available.

Randall L. (he/him/his) | Director of Marketing & Sales 

Yeah, they emailed me back almost immediately with my shipping address and said I was all set. 

Yipeeeee! This is sweet news :)

YES!!!!! Thank you SO much for the heads up. Just ordered on amazon and submitted my proof of purchase. This has to be the best find ever!!!

but I dont think its for uk residents is it unfortunately?

Me too, though I hope this means I actually GET it.  It says the following...

"Your entry has been received!

Unless there is an issue with your submission, you will receive an email once the CDs begin shipping.

CDs will begin shipping the week of May 24, 2021. Offer available to U.S. residents only with purchase of the U.S. edition of A Theater for Dreamers from Algonquin Books (ISBN 9781643751498). While supplies last. STRICTLY limited to one per household. Email Marketing@algonquin.com with any questions."

Fingers crossed because this is a really exciting one. I got a personalized one from Waters through the mail years ago but I don't have Gilmour yet and I love the guy so this will be very special if it arrives!

Like Erich's, my order from RoughTrade was finally delivered today. The mailer they used protected the book/CD well during its international journey. I think I like the signatures on this one a little better than the one I got from Newham (it doesn't go off the edge).

I was contacted by last month on a Saturday by Newham who had misplaced my earlier email and was sent the purchased book and they sent the CD gratis and with lightning speed I had it on Tuesday or Wednesday. I was amazed and very pleased. I am quite surprised to see this third wave as I was told it was extremely limited. Unlike the b/w photo last year this smartly can't be cropped - I can't believe how much the CD's on eBay with those horribly removed Samson signatures went for.

I was surprised by that also... And surprised that whoever did the first one thought it would be a good idea to do the 2nd one lol.



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