A Theatre for Dreamers (plus exclusive signed CD) Polly Samson- CD signed by David Gilmour and Polly Samson

it says it's available but i can't get my order to go through, in case anyone else has more luck


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"Remotely" haha. S*** disturber as usual ;) 

I do nothing "as usual". 

Its very simple. At Nick Mason event he lend me silver marker which was confiscated by Nick himself. It wasnt my fault and by the way I offered him money for that marker. He did not want them and he admitted that things like that (not gettting marker back from signer) may happen sometime. I have no idea how relevant is that for this discussion. 

It was a joke. The comment was made in reference to you biting the hand that feeds. It's just funny. You want help when it benefits you, and I am more than happy to do so and have no problem helping out but when it's convenient to slag on me, you come on here and do so. 

"So this comment is nothing than exposed greed and anger from spineless dealer" - Odd, you seem to talk a big game on autographs live but in person you would never go near me haha. Only spineless person I hear speaking is you :) 

Anyways Peter, You're a nice fella. No need to get nasty here. 

I know you did not get your CD's as they were lost so you've come on here and taken your anger out on me. That's fine. 

You've painted me as some sort of evil dealer villain, that's also fine. If you had of messaged me after hearing I got many and explained you didn't get one. Hell, I would have mailed you one for free. As I did with several other friends. I am also a (fan) even though you don't believe that. 

Maybe one day when you have a wife, kids etc and want to travel the world, collect records, go to concerts, and collect autographs at a large scale you will see the expense this brings to your wallet. If I did not sell extra items, I would never be able to have the great experiences like I have. 

Just because we have different ideologies (that's also fine) means we need to be on a forum attacking each other. Everyone does there own thing in life. Who am I to judge you and vice versa. All I know, is I have a great time in life doing what I love. Collecting, buying, selling, travelling, and most importantly enjoying MUSIC. Stay well my CZ comrade. 

1.) You were the first one who came here with attack against Polly.... After you got banned on her instagram after your rude (causeless) attack there, you changed the place and attacks her here.

2.) You had nothing to do with me getting Nick sign that evening or not.... If I didnt have silver marker, I would use different marker (I had multiple ones, but not silver or gold) and different page in CD booklet. You know that it was at the venue where he performed that night and that everyone who was there at the time of his arrival had a chance to obtain him.

3.) Polly is the one who makes DG´s signature available for many many people (David does NOT sign during his tours, but he DOES sign during her book events and with this covid situation - she "helped" many fans to get DG signature basically for "free"). When you attack her (without any reason) I have to ask myself "why you do that?".... YOU bought dozens of books for cheap price to sell those CDs (which accompany those books) for high prace, you make money from it (I despise that, but up to that point its ok, I just hate autograph business as whole).... and you attack person who made it possible for you? That fulfills definition of spineless greed IMO. YOU attacked someone who gave you opportunity to make money without any need of large investment! 

You said loud what I thought. 2 points:

1°) This is because of greedy idiots like Van Grant who bought 4 (or more !) for reselling that some of us did not get 1 CD (at least at the beginning, now they're everywhere !).

2°) I found it funny to read in the post (that has been erased ?) that Polly is not nice trying to make money with the free CD to push her book. Basically she'll make £8 for each book/CD sold (with a margin of probably £0,5 at best !), whereas the above-mentioned greedy idiot will make $400 on Ebay. Now who's the one to blame ? Obviously greedy idiots and gratefulness are not going well together...

Couldn't agree more. Capitalism sucks. 

This ain't capitalism, this is small playing.

I bill $250 an hour and in addition, I get significant dividends. This way I can buy whatever autographs I want (well to a certain limit, I'm married) without caring about wasting time buying/reselling them. THIS is capitalism.

I'm glad you bill $250 an hour. Though capitalism seems to only benefit your ideological description haha. 

If this is small playing, you haven't paid close enough attention as you do your dividend payments ol' boy ;) 

Exactly... I didn't even think about that part... What he said made no sense. If they really wanted to profit off David's signature they could have listed all the Floyd albums signed by David on his website for $400-1000 each along with a copy of her book. They would have sold many thousands of them... And still sold a lot of copies of her book along with them.

Or sell them for $100-200 and they could have sold probably 50-100,000 of them. I'm sure many Pink Floyd fans would buy every album at that price... I know I would... Then they make a real profit AND sell a ton of books.

At £8 she's not making a killing off a book AND a free CD... In fact shes losing money that she could have made off those signed CDs. They probably generated tens of thousands of dollars for autograph flippers by signing those that they could have kept for themselves... Not sure how that is being greedy. Not to mention David is one of the most generous rich people out there considering he donated his legendary guitar collection to charity.

Kind of ironic the guy wiping off signatures to rip off fans is calling Polly greedy. Lol

"...David is one of the most generous rich people out there considering he donated his legendary guitar collection to charity..."



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