A Theatre for Dreamers (plus exclusive signed CD) Polly Samson- CD signed by David Gilmour and Polly Samson

it says it's available but i can't get my order to go through, in case anyone else has more luck


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Agree 100% 

Just arrived.

Very nice!

You got a nice, bold looking one, congrats! 

Has anyone still not received theirs yet? Mine has been since April 30 in "awaiting delivery scan" status. I imagine it got lost by usps. 

Mine got stuck at O'hare for a couple weeks and didn't start moving again until May 4th, and has since been delivered.

If there's been no movement since April 30th, you'll probably want to do the help request form and then the package search.


The post office is still pretty busted, so it's likely still just floating around the system somewhere (or sitting in an neglected cart in the back of some facility). I wouldn't give up hope yet.

Thanks, M. Although I did fill out the form last week but still no reply from them. I'll try to not give up hope yet. 

I know I posted this already but I noticed that Algonquin books tweeted out the free offer again this morning so they must still have them available. I paid $28 for the book on Amazon and they are supposed to send the signed CD free on the 24th. figured I'd show the link again in case anyone didn't see it. oh and the offer is for the U.S. only


Is there anyone else who is still waiting for ordered book and CD? It´s frustrating, because it´s more than month since Rough Trade send my order and according to tracking it hasnt left UK soil yet! Is there anyone who can tell my why would they send a package from Stanford to Tarmworth? Few of my friends are already lucky as they received their orders, but one of my friend is possibly in even worse situation - and his package shows no movement since 8th May. Damn Brexit.... Before it, I never had issues with packages from UK. :(

I just got mine yesterday 

I received mine on Wednesday but I had to go secondary market on this one, then found the Algonquin offer thanks to this thread.  My secondary market purchase arrived boxed and the sigs are bold and perfect - I never imagined getting a Gilmour of this quality in any fashion.

Big thanks to Polly & David for making these available on a broad-scale, now to the US market.  So what if these are helping Polly's sales? Obviously she is a very talented author & lyricist and if she has a resource in her pocket such as David to help drive sales, kudos to her for employing it and therefore enriching collections across the world.

Quite honestly, depending on whatever Pink Floyd camp you ascribe to, we hear such negativity about David and the wars with him and Roger.  It's refreshing and quite nice to see this side of him - his selfless willingness to assist his wife in her endeavors.  Us married folks can certainly relate and to me, this portrays and shows David in a very positive light.

Mine was in "out for delivery" status since last month and then it suddenly disappeared. I just hope the mailman wasn't a fan of DG or PF. I was this close to get it! 

Have you tried contacting Rough Trade customer service? They told me they "expect" my package to be returned to them and then they will re-send it again to me. Imagine that! 



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