A Theatre for Dreamers (plus exclusive signed CD) Polly Samson- CD signed by David Gilmour and Polly Samson

it says it's available but i can't get my order to go through, in case anyone else has more luck


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Still nothing for me

Weird, I decided to check the tracking on my original lost one again, and it's now showing up in the system, but seems to have been found and then immediately lost in Tennessee.

Mine was in Tennessee for almost two weeks with no movement. 

Today it showed up in Dallas, TX (my delivery address is in McAllen, TX) so I recommend you to keep checking the tracking

I saw this on eBay... How do you think this guy removed Polly's autograph? Maybe q-tips and goo gone?

Some people claimed they got them with no Polly signature but I'm not sure how they took them off if they did.  There were a few destroyed ones that sold on ebay by someone who unsuccessfully tried to take off Polly.

They definitely removed pollys signature.  You can see along his arm some slight discoloration…I bet it was qtips and rubbing alcohol

I can't see this "edit" being looked at particularly well by collectors, especially if (a) someone gets salty about a flipper damaging the booklet and (b) someone who's paid a premium to PSA or DNA suddenly finding out after the fact that a previous owner removed something from the item -- that, and it introduces an unintended variable into the rarity due to there now being even more "combinations" of the signers.

Again, I think it's an asinine decision to remove the signature of someone who wrote material for four #1 records and is a fairly-lauded U.K. author (to say nothing of the familial ties). All I know is that I will not be touching the dual-signed photo I have.

Imagine if Polly found out.. its possible David gilmour might stop signing altogether. I can see why someone might do this, especially a reseller that has been a long time collector than knows the tricks.. someone who somehow managed to get over 10 of these. I think in their mind, it doesn't hurt to try and erase the signature. If it works, test the market. If it doesn't, they still have 9 more. Ultimately, David and polly handled this all wrong. The book stores who sold these also handled this wrong. Maybe neither cared and only wanted a large amount of sales to get a bestseller title? If these were signed on a regular booklet or possible just with a different pen. No one would be able to take off pollys signature in the 1st place. Ive learned long ago that someone will always be out there taking advantage of every opportunity they see to make a dollar even if it means destroying relationships along the way. 


Exactly why they did the paperback UK release first...and then the US version. 

Of course. I assume that most big-ticket promo autos (Mariah, Taylor, Lizzo, Mayer et al.) are done just to drive record/book/vinyl sales. It's the smart move right now -- in the absence of traditional artist appearances and take what you can get, you have to take what you can get. In some cases (Grande/Bieber), they get their number one spot on Billboard and artificially drive down prices on their signatures to get it to the masses.

(Can't tell you what a surprise it was to find the "Stuck With U" dual-signed sleeves on FB Marketplace for $15 USD a pop - absolutely wild).

The spread for the Samson book/dual-signature is all over the place/lopsided -- I just checked on Abebooks and noticed the value of her signature now runs anywhere from $20 (for her first two books) to $500-plus (for the book/dual-signed pic).

The "defacement" of these works may end up working against resellers and helping the long-term value of the "untouched" product down the line, however, particularly due to the already-scarce supply in the first place (and the dual-signed pic being limited to book launch ticketholders).

(As an aside, the book is quite good -- a jaunty read about the 60s, as seen through the eyes of a bohemian dreamer who winds up living in a glorified commune with a handful of notable personalities.)

I might try I have 2 extra now since the missing ones showed up randomly a few weeks ago



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