Just wondering what members might think about this Abbott and Costello signed album. It looks like a Betty Hutton signature on the verso of it. If real, this would probably be from the early 1950's.

Thanks in advance!

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From what I've seen the Abbott looks ok to me but the 'L' on Lou has a bit of a loop on some examples that I've seen. Did he sign both ways that you know of?

.I'm sure someone on here can give you an answer 

Hi Phil- Thanks for your response and posting these examples.  Looks like from the examples you posted, he signed the "L"  both ways...with and without.  I believe the straight "L" without the loop was something he did sometimes in the 50's. Also, the one I'm seeking feedback for has Lou's first and last name connected.

Hopefully others will share their experience with these guys.

Yeah noticed the u connecting to the c.. also the d on the first one I posted in bud  is looped over the B more so who knows ..that one could be fake and yours real...I've seen more with the straight L anyway so if I had to say I'd guess yours is authentic..just a hunch tho..

Hope you get a more definitive answer..I'll be interested to know myself 

Thanks again, Phil. I'm interested also in hearing some of the other members' thoughts on this particular A&C.

Etienne, The Hutton looks like one of mine so the page has some age to it. The A&C side has old ink and characteristics that in my humble opinion look real but maybe signed at different times……..looks like two different pens, a lot of ink blobs on Abbott's. Also noticed that when the page was in the book one or the other, signed it upside down. 

Any idea on the PSA one above David, it has a looped 'L' for Lou...I agree with you I think Etienne's is authentic but possibly this PSA isn't or did he sign differently over the years??



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