absolute toughest autographs to get in person right now?why are they tough?what do they say when asked to sign?who are your top 10 list for each month and why?

here is my top ten list for the worst and best of for the month of january for me, most mf these take place at sundance film festival in park city utah
1)ryan gosling
2)james franco
3)dakota fanning
4)julianne moore
5)malin akerman
6)orlando bloom
7)kevin kline
8)tilda swinton
9)elijah wood
10)josh duhamel and fergie
honorable mentions include:robert duvall sissy spacek bill murray michael chiklis adrien brody naomi watts chris cooper catherine keener david hyde pierce ryan reynolds michael chiklis philip seymour hoffman bradley cooper
1)tommy lee jones
2)john c reilly
3)robert redford
4)marisa tomei
5)aaron rodgers
6)terrell owens
7)joseph gordon levitt
8)jessica alba
9)kristen stewart
10)samuel l jackson and ben affleck
honorable mentions include:dax shepard/kristen bell kareem abdul jabbar parker posey katie holmes amanda peet mia wasikowska renee zelwegger jonah hill
ryan gosling signed anytime you saw him and when his publicist said he had to go he would tell her that no he has more time to sign and take photos with his fans, never saw a moment where the guy was not cool
james franco would take the time to sign autographs also whenever you sawhim, at one time he signed 5 photos for me after a press conference he di, he was just a great guy
dakota fanning was great whenever you saw her, although she was rushed and didnt sign at her premiere she did sign whenever you saw her around town, i know one guy who got her to sign 20 photos at once
julianne moore was nice and even when they tried to eush her into a vehicle said no its okay i have time to sign autographs for these guys, she was great
malin akerman was also great about signing autographs and taking pictures with fans, when she was at her premiere she was trying to only sign 1 at a time cause she said she wanted to get everyone but everywhere else she would sign whatever you handed her
orlando bloom would sign everytime you saw him, although it be rushed because of all the paparazzi he did take the time to sign
kevin kline was great and would even joke with you and talk to you about his movies and his wife among other things
tilda swinton was also great as she signed 5 photos for me at once and would sign for anyone whenever they asked for an autograph
elijah wood was extremely tough the first night he was in town and didnt sign a single autograph but the next day at his premiere he couldnt have been nicer and then the next day at the airport i watched him sign 20 photos ofr a guy
josh duhamel and fergie both signed coming in off there planes at the airport and signed at the premiere, they even signed for me after the premiere when i ran down the street after there car, they kindly pulled over and rolled the window down said i was fast, i thanked them for stopping and they thanked me for running after the vehicle
everyone that was in the honorable mention would sign pretty much anytime you saw them including bill murray which was kind of weird for him, he came right over after the premiere crutches and all and signed for about 50 people, later on in the week we saw him at a party and he signed there for people to, this is not how bill murray usually is, he usually yells at you and calls you a creeper for asking for his autograph
tommy lee jones=asking tommy lee jones for an autograph or a picture is like asking a blind man to drive, the guy is so full of himself it is often funny,he just doesnt do it and if you get him to even say anything to you, you should feel as if you have one some kind of battle, he is a major dickhead
john c reilly=he is a very difficult person to obtain an autograph or a photo from he will talk to you about his movies and will seem genuine but the second you ask him for anything the tables turn and he says something like i have to go or im late for something,he will sign one thing that i know of anytime he sees it and that is one of his playbills from broadway
robert redford=the only reason why he isn 1st on this list is because i guess this year he actually signed for people at the airport when he left to go to los angeles during the festival, when he came back from his trip though i got what usually happens with redford, i was by myself and he said no to me and told me to get away from him, i have heard stories of people who have been coming to sundance for 15 years and havent gotten him yet
marisa tomei=she signed a total of 3 autographs the whole time she was at sundance,in one picture i saw of her at sundance it said she was signing autographs for people well that was not true she was smiling while she waling fast past everyone, the only time she signed was after her premiere and she walked over abnd did 3 and kept saying where are my real fans
aaron rodgers=he has quickly become a tough autograph to get, the qb for the gb packers turned down one of my friends when he was waiting in line to get into a club and there was noone else around, he kept this up when he was seen on main street
terrell owens=he was asked at the airport to sign a baseball for a fan and said no, not in a nice way but in the kind of way that says get the hell away from me, he didnt sign at all when he was seen on main street
joseph gordon levitt=he is just not nice to put it simply saying im sorry i have to go or im late for something all the time, he will even reem you if you are lucky enough to get his autograph often saying you are going to sell this, and sometimes will say im not going to sign this for you unless you tell me you are going to sell it, that is a lose lose situation if you ask me
jessica alba=when arriving of her plane she said she would sign at her premiere, at her premiere she went in the back door, then when ppl started booooooing the movie she left before it was over and wouldtn sign and went straight to the airport
kristen stewart=while she did sign autographs she would try not to at all costs, unless you were right next to her and she had to sign to get through you she most likely wouldnt do it
samuel jackson and ben affleck=they were pretty much the same while ben was better about signing than samuel, you would have to chase ben in order to get him to sign an auto, he usually is great about signing, at his premiere he got there and signed 1 autograph and then said there were to many professional autograph seekers there for him to sign, samuel l jackson would always complain and say i already signed for you or i dont have time, he also was refusing to sign pulp fiction and star wars photos
renee zelwegger wasnt even there for a movie and when someone asked for her to sign a baseball for her she complained saying she was never in a baseball movie and about how much she hastes doing this kind of stuff

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just went down forthis starkey gala and here are the people who signed and how many i got of each of them.steve martin 4 ozzy osbourne 3 sharon osbourne 1 robert loggia 11 norm crosby 2 paul williams 6 and 1 record sam moore 6 verne troyer 1 vanessa minillo 1 nick lachey 2 doobie brothers 3 photos 2 records. here are the people that did sign i just missed them wasnt at the right place at the right time.magic johnson adrian peterson larry fitzgerald. i never saw frankie valli sign anything and i never saw muhammad ali or bill clinton sign anything, they were both impossible to get to, also i got garth brooks on a cd cover and a cd he personalized them both, his wife trisha yearwood wouldnt sign for us, all in all a pretty good couple of days. jordin sparks was a biaaatch and wouldnt sign for anyone she was probably to busy thinking about what kind of food she was going to eat, shes a big girl. if you check my youtube a bunch of videos are posted up there mhalltheway13

Just went to a premiere of John C Reilly's new film "We need to talk about Kevin". Knew nothing about his bad reputation for autographs, going in. He watched the movie with us and after the film did a Q&A and was funny and seemed cool. There was a group of about 10-15 people waiting. He came out and talked quietly to about 5 of the people (who were apparently hometown friends) then said he had to go and quickly started leaving. He looked horribly inconvenienced when a couple asked him to take a pic with them and mumbled somthing like, "ugh...a photo..." but he did take the pic. I bumped fists with him and told him I'm a big fan, rather than jumping right in for the auto...but he looked at me like I was from a different planet so I decided not to even bother asking him for it. Bummer when you have to add another celeb to your sh't list. John C... your going on the list!



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