Is there anyone who can give me advice regarding authencity of the signatures on this lp?

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I saw this on Ebay too.  Low starting price, which is question #1 in my book.  Personally, i am on the fence.  I see a lot of similarities to one that forum members here have blessed, but I will let the experts chime in.  If i had to take a stab at it...i would say yes.

I'm no expert on AC/DC but I find the start price, story and perfect placement of the autographs on the album a bit too good to be true. It is also very odd that the seller is only including a photocopy of the ticket stub. It could be, of course, that the ticket was sold separately and a copy was kept to add value to the album. 

I'm also always very suspicious when a seller uses terms like "once in a lifetime opportunity"or "you'll never see a better one", especially when the start price doesn't reflect that.

At first glance it looks spot on.if its not real,its a great forgery that would fool alot of people.
Agreed with Paul. Spot on vintage signatures. Beautiful piece congrats

Who are you congratulating? I don't think anyone here bought it.

Guess it was worth $588 to someone....still have my doubts and now especially because a real one would likely attract 3- 4 times that amount
It wasn’t me, but I watched the countdown. If it is real, I think it was a good deal. I almost checked with Roger Epperson but my gut feeling told me to just let it go.
Same same same here. Watched the whole thing, so tempted to bid and contact Roger, but my gut said no no no
Maybe Roger with throw is a freebie and chime in...

everyone is watching it .

should be an an interesting ending

some one got  it for 600$ .so do we know if it was real


Having just paid over £650 (not $) for a much, much less "perfect" set I was also interested in seeing what the LP went for but it just looked too good. For me the key things were that:

1. The LP sleeve looked brand new. Who would keep an LP in that condition for nearly 40 years, especially as the autographs would not have been worth much at all at when obtained?

2. The signatures were just too perfectly placed (each next to the respective band member) and too uniform from a pen pressure point of view. No imperfections at all in the writing - ink blobs, break in ink flow etc.

3.The seller was too "gushy" about it and the photocopied ticket rang alarm bells.

I think enough people will have seen it (also dealers who are members here) so unless they all held off because there were no bids until late I think that says something. Perhaps if a few people had bid as soon as it was listed things may have been different.

I don't have enough experience in AC/DC autographs to question the form of the autographs themselves. As Paul H. said, they looked pretty good and similar to the ones I just bought.

I'm not sure that a freebie from Roger would help. He'd have to have the thing in his hands to say for sure I think.




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